Tips For A Perfect Sleep

Last weekend our clock arrows went back and we can all sleep an hour longer – the clocks have changed, luckily we have an extra hour to enjoy our sleep. You should take advantage of! We’ll tell you ten simple tricks that will make your sleep literally perfect.

  • 1. Do you sleep on a pillow made of silk or satin?

The fibers of silk or satin are smoother compared to conventional cotton – and benefit the skin and hair which let the face smooth and creates no wrinkles. 

  • 2. Sleep on lavender flowers

Good, restful sleep is the best beauty booster. And lavender has an enormous calming effect. Make a habit to using lavender flowers for a good night rest? How? You can purchase those small lavender bags and put them near your pillow and breathe in that magical lavender aroma which will give you a peaceful sleep. Also, you can drink a lavender tea before going to sleep;

  • 3. Lie on your back

Actually, it is obvious: If you crumple your head firmly into the pillow, this will leave tracks on your face. You wake up with a print of the cushion folds in the face in the morning. And depending on the age and constitution, it takes hours before these tracks vanish. When you sleep on your back, however, your face remains wrinkle-free. A little tip, if you have yet rolled on your belly during sleep: To blur annoying cushion tracks, helps a little lymphatic drainage. Tap it gently with your fingertips around the inner corner of the eye towards the temples and around the eye.

  • 4. Pillow Pile

Do you tend to have eye rims and swollen eyelids? Then you should not sleep on flat but on a thicker pillow or maybe two pillows. This way you will keep your head higher than the heart level and in this way, no liquid accumulates around the eyes, because they can drain quickly. If you already sleep on a pillow pile and still look swollen, you should, however, cut your salt and alcohol intake because both promote water retention. 5. Moisturize and then sleep During the sleep, the entire organism regenerated including skin. Apply before bedtime on a moisturizer with hyaluronic acid. If moisturizing the skin before bedtime it effectively reduces dryness and wrinkles.

  • 6. Fresh pillowcase

At night your skin detoxifies. And now guess where your own personal wastelands? It lands on your pillow of course. In order not to sleep in a nest of bacteria, you should change your pillowcase twice a week. This is too often to you? Then let me think, how often you use a cotton ball. Yes, right. Once. 7. Clean your skin before you go to bed Prepare your skin before sleep so that it can optimally take advantage of the beauty sleep. This means that you make up off, even if you are tired do not skip this step. If you establish cleaning and care as a ritual, you also have a time when you tune into the quiet night sleep.

  • 8. Drink a glass of milk

This old home remedy works to this day. Drink a glass of warm milk before bedtime. You can opt for soy milk because protein contained in the soy milk promotes sleep. 

  • 9. Put up your hair

Keep your long hair out of her face at night. For the natural sebum of the hair has no place in the face. Make sure, however, not to tie it too hard, otherwise, you risk breakage. A loosely woven braid works perfectly. 10. Take care of your indoor climate Ventilate your bedroom ten minutes before bedtime to allow enough fresh air in your bedroom. Especially during the heating season, you should also make sure that the humidity is high enough. Hang a water container near the radiator, the water will evaporate, and will act as an air humidifier in the room you sleep. Your skin will thank you!