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Treating and Preventing High Blood Pressure with Garlic

Garlic has become very popular lately, and researchers have confirmed its effectiveness to act beneficial to our health. Cultivated since ancient times, garlic fight against infections and decreases the level of cholesterol.

Many know already how effective garlic is to prevent cancer. When it comes to colds, flu and virus infection, the best and most natural medicine is recommended, since time immemorial, the garlic, the most powerful natural antibiotic which creates addictive and has no side reactions. Experts say that in order to harness all the benefits it offers, garlic should not be boiled before consuming it.

Fresh juice contains the highest level of nutrients, so it is best if it is prepared and consumed raw in the form of a paste, garlic sauce, or directly into the food.

Garlic is effective and when you suffer from convulsions, cramps, and spasms.  For those who suffer from high blood pressure, the best way to enjoy the benefits of garlic is to eat a clove of garlic every morning.  Garlic supplements have also been placed on the market and they come in various forms including pills, powder, and extracts.

Already it is no longer a novelty about the fact that garlic it’s pure health. Garlic prevents heart disease, reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood and lowers blood pressure, but consumed in its natural state, as it offers the earth.

Garlic’s ability to significantly reduce the risk of suffering from hypertension is assigned certain active substances known as sulfides and allicin.


Allicin is released when garlic is crushed or Mixed. Increased cholesterol can lead to a stroke or by depositing on atherosclerosis, the blood vessels, and impairing circulation.  Thanks to allicin, well known for the quality of a substance to dilate the blood vessel walls, garlic prevents strokes and reduce tension in the arteries.

Hardcore smokers who consume daily garlic are less exposed to decay of lung cancer, also because of the allicin which removes some of the negative effects of smoking.

Another reason that garlic works to prevent hypertension is that it has the ability to stimulate hydrogen sulfide but also the production of nitric oxide. Experts say that this is good at relaxing the blood vessels.

Why is garlic the most powerful antibiotic in the world?

What miracle substance contains and why you should eat crushed garlic.

The true barrier to infection, many foods protects us from pathogens in the environment. It strengthens the immune system, garlic is forced to kill bacteria and viruses and accelerates healing. Eaten regularly, garlic assures us with health.

First on the list is garlic, miracle food that helps the body to fight against free radicals and eliminate toxins, but strengthens the immune system. It reduces the effects of aging, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities it has.

“The effect of antibiotic may prevent and treat infections without affecting healthy bacteria. Garlic stimulates the growth of the level of antioxidants in the body, helps to lower serum glucose values and blood pressure. Garlic contains allicin, a powerful compound that acts as an antibiotic and helps in healing skin infections.

healing skin infections

It is interesting to know that it is formed only when allicin when garlic is cut or crushed, “says Dr. Dalton Z, a family physician.

It has vitamins and minerals 

One garlic clove per day is most of the time, the recommended value for medical purposes.

Garlic contains a host of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, and phytochemicals. Cultivated since ancient Egypt, used by Romanians to prevent contagious diseases and entered into the local cuisine as a condiment, this plant is incredibly healthy.

In the form of food, garlic is the most powerful antibiotic in the world. Cold germs, flu or have not affected by chance supravieţurire in the presence of his juice.

At the same time, combat infections and clear the sinuses, bronchi, and lungs. Garlic is rich in selenium and organic germanium, contains ‘ Ajeola ‘, a subtanţă why dilute the blood, thus preventing the formation of clots and has over one hundred of sulfur compounds.   It was discovered that garlic destroys streptococci which cause scarlet fever, diphtheria, and inflammation of the heart, “explains the doctor.

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