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Vegetables Fans Live Longer

Vegetables ensure a longer life! These are the result of a British study that was recently published in a prestigious journal. The living and eating habits of over 65,000 people were investigated. Those who most enjoy eating fresh fruit and vegetables rarely died of cancer, heart disease or other illnesses. In short, they lived longer. Fresh fruits and vegetables prolong life but had apparently only fresh fruits and vegetables, canned goods and purchased, market juices have rather the opposite effect.

  • The more vegetables – the more health

Nutrition Research is preacher already for decades and the health-promoting properties of fruits and vegetables. Five servings per day are ideal, it is said to be an adequate supply of antioxidants, fiber, and many vitamins. But what is a serving? It’s simple: Approximately 80 grams. A small apple for example, or two medium carrots. Yes, you probably have already for breakfast two servings (z. B. a banana and an apple in your cereal). Then follows another serving as a snack in the morning (eg. ½ cucumbers on whole wheat bread). And for lunch, there are two further portions (160 grams of vegetables of your choice). Even if you already had the five portions before. However, you may eat more vegetables for lunch, in the afternoon drink a green smoothie and in the evening you eat vegetable soup or a piece of vegetable pizza. Then you are already at least seven or more servings of fruits and vegetables. And exactly those people, who eat seven servings (just over 500 grams) of fruit and vegetables per day, live longer.

The more vegetables - the more health

  • Living longer with more fruits and vegetables

In other words, the risk of death (all causes of death) was reduced by 40 % only by eating seven daily servings of fruits and vegetables – compared to those people who ate only one or less than one serving of fruit and vegetables per day. While the fruit and vegetable abstainers relatively numerous died from many different causes of death (and in each age group). Vegetables are better than fruit Vegetables seem to be much more effective and healthier than fruit in terms of prolonging life, the researchers reported. One ace namely two to three servings of vegetables per day, the risk of death decreased by 19 percent. You ace the other hand, the same amount of fruit, then the risk of death decreased by only 10 percent.

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In addition, there are fruits and vegetables as fresh as possible, which are in a position to extend the human lifespan.

  • Canned fruit shortens the life

Canned fruits or fruit juices purchased, however, had no positive effect on health. On the contrary. These things are highly processed, high sugar and low-fiber products rather than fresh foods increase the risk of death by as much as 17 percent.

Canned fruit shortens life

  • Just three servings of fruits and vegetables are good

The study shows that people who eat seven servings of fruits and vegetables daily, compared to fruit and vegetable muffles have amazing health benefits, so study author Dr. Oyinlola Oyebode. Qyebode quotes:”Even up to three servings of fruits and vegetables per day have results and significantly lower risk of death. So go step by step! Skipping a step would lead only to stumble.

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