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What Are The Least Contaminated Fruits You Can Buy?

A food is considered to be least contaminated when it does not have any harmful pesticide residues on it and is healthier to ingest. The following fruits and veggies are the least likely to have pesticides in them and are often recommended as daily nutrition tips.

  • Onion:

Since there are not many pest threats for onion, there is very pesticide spraying involved. Look for firm onion with their distinct smell that is not overpowering and also comes without any damage signs or soft spots.

  • Sweet corn:

Sweet corn kernels are quite unlikely to have any pesticide residues on them, though sweet corns may need a lot of fertilizer for their growth. Choose fresh corn hubs and boil it the very same day for best results.

  • Avocado:

Due to the thick skin of the avocado, they protect the fruit inside from getting affected by pesticides. Choose unripe and firm avocados that will ripen nicely in a couple of days. Rinse them before slicing open, for best results.

  • Pineapple:

The thick skin of pineapple protects the inside fruit from any pesticide residue. Avoid choosing overripe pineapples with power smell, or have any soft spots or damages to the rind.

pineapple fruit
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  • Sweet peas:

This vegetable is among the few food items that are least likely to have pesticide residues. Since they come with a pod, look for peas with full green pea pods, to get the freshest ones.

  • Watermelon:

The tough rind of watermelon protects it from any chemical and also provides natural defenses to them. Choose a whole and firm watermelon devoid of any soft spots.

  • Kiwifruit:

The peel of kiwi fruit provides a good barrier against pesticides. However, rinse them prior to cutting. Choose a good smelling fruit which is plump and also can be squeezed like a ripe pear.

  • Sweet potato:

This vegetable is least likely to be contaminated by pesticides. They are also considered to be super foods since they are rich in vitamin A as well as beta-carotene. Choose a hardy sweet potato which is not rotten or beaten up.

These food items are included in the latest health news for their nutritional value and hence are highly recommended for the daily nutritional needs of a healthy person.

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