What Is More Important- What We Feel Or What We Think?

Few people know how to use their brain efficiently and without upsetting the harmony of nature preset. We also have a heart and, although it seems a lot easier to use, the feelings and emotions you have to go through a filtering process much more rigorously up to understand what really happens.

Heart or brain?

The question has generated a series of contradictory discussions between scientists and spiritual leaders. What matters more-emotions, intellect or reason or feelings? Logic acts as a filter for information and feelings are often difficult to understand and interpret.
It would seem that the two can’t work together, they are like fire and water. Too much water would extinguish the fire and the fire too much would make the water evaporate. However, if you know how to use them, you can create a steam engine, in which both the fire and water are used to generate energy. Scientists generally considered more important than the brain.
Heart or brain
And provides a logical explanation in this regard. first, the brain seems to be more complex than the heart. Some think that we use only 10% of the brain’s capacity. Maybe at the level of evolution in which we find ourselves today, we explain just how it works that share of 10%.
Even with modern equipment and technology, we are still many mysteries regarding brain function that you have to untie them.
Because the brain can communicate with the world, we can perceive and transmit information. Because the brain knows what feels like the skin when touched something, we know how it sounds when birds sing, how it smells a rose, what taste has an Apple, such as Sunrise, sunset and then again at sunrise.
We need brains to express their thoughts in words and move various body parts. We often neglect the fact makes these essential things only because of the brain.
The heart, on the other hand, has a major function in the body to pump blood. It is an amazing organ that works as long as we are alive. If we are involved in an intense intellectual effort, the heart pumps more blood in those areas of the brain that they need it to work.
heart pumps
If you stop the brain, the heart will stop beating for a few seconds, and if the heart stops, it seems like we have at your disposal up to 5 minutes to do it to start again.
This is the argument used by many scientists consider most important when brains than heart. Heart, though, is that which makes us human. Through her interact with the world on an emotional level.
Because the heart can feel compassion, we can express the kindness and care for other things outside of our own survival. And, more important, as any heart makes us Love.

Many of those who have chosen a spiritual path find that love is the only way you can get the ‘enlightenment’, and that the mind needs always to listen to heart, but it is as if we put weight a ship on one side only and I do go in circle, losing sight of the fact that a balance must be maintained for spiritual growth.

It makes no sense to consider that one is more important as the other. A more effective way is to find a model to explain better on each one and not give more importance to one or the other.
The next model (developed by a new scientific field of Infosomaticii and the research work of the International Institute of Social Ecology) provides an easy to understand explanation of what really happens with the heart and brain.
The beauty of the theory is that it does not contradict any scientific data or esoteric models. Not only complete them and get them to another level of understanding.
“We can’t solve problems by using the same thinking that created them” Albert Einstein to understand this model you need to look at the human body as a form composed of electromagnetic waves in which the human brain is a complicated radar system that can charge information and can transform into energy, while the heart is a “generator” that creates the environment in which the necessary information can be transformed.
“Through the brain-time turns into space” Natalia Bekhtereva (researcher of Russian origin, a specialist in neuroscience and psychology, Institute for human brain)
The human brain has certain areas that respond to specific functions in the body when the brain receives information from where the environment (where cosmic parallel-plate), he turns them into energy and sends them throughout the body via the active points of view biological (the existence of these points is proven by a few scientists, and are used in Chinese medicine for 4000 years).
specific functions
This energy is what forms the energy centers (so-called chakras in esoteric literature) which respond to certain organs and systems in the human body. How it works on these energy centers formed the human energy field (aura or to energy).
Heart (together with the Energy Center that is responsible for her work) creates another camp (emotional) that stood above the field of energy. The emotional field is powered by emotions.
The higher they are, the more positive and emotional field is wider. When you’ve got an emotionally wide field (this happens when you are true to yourself and positive face on what’s happening in your life) your physical body gets sick less often.
Broad emotional access to a greater number of where that brain can transform into energy. This process makes it more stable energy field towards harmful outside influences.
The emotional field is responsible for the amount of cosmic parallel-plate where you can get your brain. Acts as an optical lens focus the rays what overhead (crown chakra in esoteric teachings) so that the brain can process them.
Our energy field is that the atmosphere for the planet, which protects the rains of meteorites and asteroids that could hit.
This pattern is confirmed by the latest scientific research who argue that people who look the world in the somber colors get sick more often than those that relate to life through a much more positive light.
This model provides a very good explanation for how the brain and heart can work together to influence our life. We don’t need to assert that the heart is more important than your brain, or vice versa.
Their work is vital to us and to help us interact with the environment and enjoy life to the fullest.