What Is The Most Effective Method To Remove Pesticides From Vegetables, Fruits And Herbs?

You want to introduce in your diet eating more fruits, vegetables, and greens but it scares the thought that they are sprayed and you will not be able to wash them well enough?
Unfortunately, most don’t know how to be cleaned correctly herbs so as to remove any wax, pesticides and toxic substances applied and most of the time, rinsing them under running water is not enough.
A study was done at the University of Massachusetts of California comparing 3 ways to wash vegetables, fruits, and herbs to see which is more effective.
Therefore, the first option, the most common, involves washing your food in clean water.

Cleaning Solutions of Vegetables and Fruits

The second option involves the use of cleaning solutions of vegetables and fruits on the basis of chlorine, while the third, a simple solution from sodium bicarbonate.
Cleaning Solutions of Vegetables and Fruits
The results have indicated clearly which of the three options is more effective in reducing the number of bacteria and toxic substances from the surface of the fruit, vegetables, and aromatic herbs: baking soda is the cheapest but also the most effective solution in removing harmful substances.

Solution based on sodium bicarbonate is made up of 1 tablespoon of baking soda to 1.5 liters of water, let it soak, preferably separately, vegetables, fruits, and herbs for about 15 minutes, after which they will bathe under running cold water.

Even products that peel, as well as bananas and citrus fruit,  is shown to be washed before consumption because their zest comes into direct contact with your hands.

How to Wash Different Types of Foods Well

If herbs must be transported through water ‘ easy ‘, so as not to break, cruciferous broccoli for Cauliflower-and-they have left few minutes in water with baking soda because the dust to deposit on the bottom.
Wash Different Types of Foods
If you choose to eat mushrooms champignons with bark, it seems like the best way to clean them is with a damp kitchen towel, because they absorb moisture if they are washed directly into the water and no longer keeps the texture.

Potatoes and carrots can be cleaned using a sponge or kitchen brush to remove dust and soil with ease.

Apples or pears  after being left in a mix with baking soda, it’s good to be washed under running  cold or warm water.

Lets hope these couple tips will help us to eat cleaner and healthier!!