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10 Most Effective Low-Impact Workouts

by Tatiana Plesco

Only with high impact exercises such as push-ups, squats, and deadlifts, you cannot stay fit and healthy. But, you need to perform low-impact workouts too. It is the combination of high strength exercises and low-impact workouts that help in achieving ultimate exercise goals like losing 4-5 pounds weight in 3-4 weeks or making six-pack abs in about 1 month. Therefore, it is certainly important that you should also focus on low-impact exercises. No matter, what is your age and how much fit you are, you need to take care of cardio. It is because if you too much cardio or too few cardio both cause problems and not provide the best types or results. Even if you want to strengthen your core and abdomen muscles, you need to perform low-intensity workouts along with high-intensity exercises. And you do not need to think that low-impact workouts do not provide better results. Physicians that low-intensity cardio exercises such as swimming, cycling are also very effective and offer massive health benefits like weight loss, enhanced the immune system. But, for making them effective, you need to perform them with sincerity and discipline. So, are you ready to learn about 10 most effective low-impact workouts? Here I go:

  • Walking /Jogging

If you think this low-impact exercise does not provide better results, you are wrong. Simply walking on the ground is also a very effective workout. This exercise particularly increases secretion of hormones such as endorphins, serotonin that minimize stress and offers relaxation or calmness. You do not need to purchase any equipment for performing walking. Just by using your legs, you can perform this activity at any place and at any time. Unlike push-ups or squats, walking does not involve any strength and can be performed by people of all ages or weights. Weight loss is the best benefit offered by walking. According to studies, a person who weighs 180 pounds can burn 100 calories by walking one-mile distance (1). Walking also helps in avoiding diseases such as high cholesterols, diabetes, and heart-related diseases. It also helps in enhancing balance and coordination. You can strengthen your lower body muscles as well as upper body muscles. Therefore, you can maintain your weight and health by performing walking on the regular basis.

  • Cycling

Cycling is one of the best low-intensity workouts. It is a very easy and convenient workout. Whether you are at home or gym, you can perform cycling. By performing cycling at a decent speed for about 45 minutes, you can burn 381 calories (2). There are several exercise bikes that suit people of different ages, size, weights, etc. Just by performing 30-minute cycling workout, you can avail many health benefits such as improve your posture, enhance the mobility of your joints, reduce your body fat levels & control blood sugar and blood pressure. According to your requirements, you can purchase the specific exercise bikes and perform cycling against definite resistance. Being low-intensity workout, cycling does not cause any injuries or rapture in the joints, ankles. Instead, you can strengthen your joints and avail wonderful flexibility. So, start performing cycling to avail health benefits without stress or strain.

  • Swimming

Here is another low-impact workout that can also be performed by people who have joint problems or suffer from arthritis pain. Moreover, people with high weight can also perform swimming strokes. According to professionals, by performing freestyle swimming stroke for 45 minutes, you can burn 333 calories (2). Swimming helps in building stamina or endurance and providing cardiovascular fitness. So, you can keep your heart, lungs healthy and prevents yourself from respiratory diseases such as asthma and chronic sinusitis. Through swimming, you can also tone your muscles and make a splendid physique. Swimming is a great exercise for reducing stress or anxiety. According to some popular swimmers, swimming releases a great amount of tension (3). Basically, swimming helps in stimulating the secretion of happy hormones such as serotonin. Beginners should start swimming by performing the freestyle stroke. With this activity, you can control your blood sugar levels, avoid bad cholesterols and also strokes. So, start performing swimming strokes for maintaining your health and fitness.

  • Yoga

If you are looking for a method to improve your physical and mental strength, yoga is the perfect option for you. Yoga works on several body muscles and provides a fabulous all body workouts. With yoga, you can enhance your concentration and avail high self-confidence and motivation. By performing yoga, you can treat many health problems and prevent health diseases such as depression, asthma, heart attacks and even cancers. Sirsasana, Uttanasana, and Chakarasana are the three best yoga poses. If you are a beginner, you should start with yoga poses such as Tadasana, Vajrayana, and bhajan asana, etc. It is very easy to learn these yoga poses. Nevertheless, these yoga postures are effective too. Here also, you do not to get specific things for starting the workout program. According to professionals, yoga is great for straightening the spine and improving posture. You can also enhance your metabolism and avail energy for performing daily life activities. In fact, you can get energy for performing sports like football, rugby, etc. Before practicing yoga asanas, you need to take consent from your doctor. For knowing about traditional yoga poses, you can go to a professional or download an application from Apple store or phone store.

  • Pilates

Rather than high-impact sports, you should perform low-impact pilates exercises. With Pilates, you can strengthen your core and abdomen muscles at the same time. Therefore, if you want to build six-pack abs, you need to include pilates in your workout programs. If we particularly talk about muscles, Pilates help in toning the hips, calves, and buttocks. You can balance your spine and improve your body posture by performing pilates exercises on regular basis. Pilates helps in maintaining balance and offers an extreme sense of flexibility in all muscles. It is one of the best exercises for curing injuries like sprain and strain. Pilates is suitable for all people of different strengths, sizes, and weights. According to your preference, you can perform Pilates using your own body weight or several types of exercise equipment. The 100, single-leg circles and criss-cross are the three best pilates exercises.

  • Rowing Machine

Like the stationary bike, rowing machine also offers the fantastic workout. Invented as a sport, rowing is now particularly used for maintaining wellness. With this machine, you can avail enjoyment and workout simultaneously. This machine specifically helps in strengthening the core, back, arms and legs. The rowing machine is still used for playing sports in different parts of the world. In the marketplace, there are many rowing machines of different sizes, shapes, and colors. According to your preference or requirements, you can select the particular rowing machine and start exercise. Most rowing machines contain a LED monitor that displays calorie count, stroke count, and other things. So, you can track your progress and achieve your exercise goals like losing 2-3 pounds weight in 3-4 weeks. This machine is great for strengthening lower body muscles such as the thighs and legs. However, the upper body muscles such as the glutes and calves also feel some sense of burn. You can avail strength and flexibility in very short periods. Therefore, keep yourself moving by performing activities on rowing machines.

  • Elliptical Workout

Here is exercise equipment that offers splendid results in quicker periods. According to your choice, you can perform climbing, cycling or running. People with weak strength, do not need to think that they can do workouts on elliptical. This exercise machine is suitable for people of all sizes, weights, and people of both sexes. With this tool, ladies can trim their waistline and wear tight clothes such as bikinis. Different types of elliptical trainers offer specific benefits. But, you need to select a decent elliptical machine for preventing injuries. As this machine does not offer much impact, so people who with a knee problem and lower back pain can also perform exercises on elliptical. By performing workout on the elliptical for 30 minutes, you can burn 326 calories (2). This machine works lower and upper body muscles and provides an exceptional type of conditioning. If you want enhanced results, you can also grab dumbbells and perform shoulder presses.

  • Tai Chi

This is basically a martial art which is largely practiced in China. It was founded specifically for defense training. After that, it was reclaimed that Tai Chi is a wonderful way to combat stress. This exercise helps in improving the longevity. In this workout, you need to meditate while moving your arms and shoulders. In this way, you can work on your mind and body at the same time. No, the bones do not face stress or pressure in this activity. Instead, it is a gentle and smooth exercise that involves various bones and muscles. One particular health benefit of Tai Chi is that you can heal headaches and migraine problems. With this workout, you avail wonderful flexibility and can easily perform several activities. You can certainly improve your athletic performance and become successful in various sports. No matter, you have are a beginner or professional, you can perform Tai-Chi by learning the particular technique

  • TRX

Have you heard about this total body resistance exercise? Basically, Tex is a strap suspension system that allows exercise with ropes or other tools. The use of tools does not mean that TRX is the complicated exercise. This workout is also easy on the knees and can be performed by everyone. This low impact exercise works the complete body- the ankles, joints, arms, shoulders, etc. For learning the procedure of performing TRX exercises, you need to hire a professional. And for learning the method of using ropes, you need to move to the gym. After learning the TRX technique, you should try these TRX exercises such as inverted row, triceps extension etc.

  • Kayaking

If you are looking for water activity other than swimming, you should try Kayaking. For this, you need to take a Kayak made of high-quality material. Then, you can jump into the water and start this exercise. Like crunches, Kayaking also works the core and arms. Forget about the weight loss as this exercise can burn up to 400 calories in 60 minutes. So, you can get rid of various diseases related to weight. This is also an easy exercise and provides fabulous results in shorter periods. Therefore, enjoy the sight and improve your health simultaneously by performing this low-impact exercise.

 Wrapping Up

Like high-intensity exercises, low-impact workouts also offer effective and splendid results. Walking is a great activity for boosting hormones such as serotonin that reduces stress and provides relaxation. With cycling, you can reduce your body fat levels, maintain your blood pressure and improve your joint mobility. Swimming is a great exercise for toning the muscles and making a splendid physique. With 100 (Pilates exercise) you can strengthen your hips, calves, and buttocks. Uttanasana helps in avoiding depression and Tadasana helps in enhancing concentration. Rowing machine and Elliptical are among the best exercise machines for burning a lot of calories in shorter periods. Tai-Chi, a Chinese martial art is very effective for curing headaches and migraine problems. By performing TRX, you can work your ankles, shoulders, joints, and arms. So, you should also focus on low-impact workouts other than high-intensity exercises.


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