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10 Genius Beauty Tips For Brides

by Tatiana Plesco

Every woman wants to be a picture of perfection on her wedding day. Here is a compilation of a few genius beauty tips and tricks for brides.

Make sure to carry essential beauty and personal care products like blotting paper, eyeliner, under eye concealer, lip color and whichever other product you think is important for you.

Avoid wearing false eyelashes on your wedding day, unless you are fully comfortable with using them.

Apply a coat of powder blush over your lipstick, to create a durable matte finish on your lips.

Choose a foundation that suits your complexion the best. Use a test sample and see for yourself how it looks before you decide to use it on your big day.

Apply lip liner before and after putting on your lip color. A genius way is to fill in the whole lip with eyebrow, layer the lip color, press it with a tissue paper and follow it up with adding more lip color. Finally use the lip liner again to create the perfect shape for your lips.

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To look great in your wedding photographs, use a shimmery powder blush or powder highlighter instead of liquid formulas. Liquid formulas look good in photographs initially and lose their charm as time passes. After a few hours, they end up looking greasy and oily.

Match the colors on your face neck and chest and make no mistakes in getting them all in the same color. Neck and face should not be different colors. In case you have used face powder or bronzer, use it on your neck too, in order to get a soft transition of color.

Avoid waxing and tweezing your eyebrows the day before your wedding. Avoid tanning bed and self-tanner a day before your wedding.

Use only waterproof mascaras as a bride and make sure to buy new mascara to be used for your big day. This is because mascara has a tendency to wear out as it becomes old.

If your hair is color- treated, instead of waiting till the end, plan ahead to get highlights. Get it done at least two weeks prior to your wedding or a single process should be done the week before.

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