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10 Reasons to Consume Raw Bee Pollen

Bee pollen is a holistic remedy used all over the world. Unfortunately, the vast possibilities of utilization of pollen are often overlooked.

What is pollen?

Bee pollen is made by bees and is fed to the young bees. It is considered one of the most complete and nutritious food because it contains almost all the necessary nutrients.
Roentgen is rich in protein (approx. 40% protein), free amino acids, B-complex vitamins, including folic acid, and. Bee Pollen is a complete food and contains many elements that animal products not possessing them.
Bee Pollen is richer in protein than any other animal source. At equal weight, it contains more amino acids than beef, eggs or cheese.
About half are in the form of the protein amino acid that is ready to be used directly by the body. It is important to recognize that in order to raise a dose of one teaspoon of bee pollen, one needs to work eight hours a day for a month.
Each tuber pollen contains over two million firms are of pollen from flowers and a teaspoon contains over 2.5 billion firms is of pollen from flowers.
Dr. Gabriel Cousens, the doctor in medicine, it bee pollen is listed as one of the most recommendable 22 energy foods. Bee Pollen can be used medicinally for a wide range of ailments, from those affecting the prostate and skin diseases, and could help correct specific nutritional imbalances in the body.
Here are 10 excellent reasons just to add to your daily diet fresh bee pollen …
Although the reasons would be much more!

1. Power amplifier

Range of nutrients found in bee pollen makes it an excellent natural energizer. Carbohydrates, protein and B vitamins can help you to stay in operation all day by increasing the resistance and fight off fatigue.

2. The pains of the skin

Bee pollen is often used in products applied topically that concern the treatment of inflammatory and common skin irritations, such as psoriasis or eczema. Amino acids and vitamins protect skin and help to regenerate cells.
skin irritations

3. Respiratory System

Bee Pollen contains a high amount of antioxidants which may have an anti-inflammatory effect on the lung tissue, preventing the triggering of asthma.

4. Treating allergies

Bee pollen reduces the presence of most histamines thus ameliorates most of the allergies. Dr. Leo Conway, the doctor in medicine in Denver, Colorado, reported that 94 percent of his patients completely get rid of the symptoms of allergies, once were treated orally with pollen. Everything from asthma and allergies up to sinus problems has been cured, confirming that bee pollen is effective against a wide range of respiratory diseases.

5. The digestive system

In addition to healthy vitamins, minerals, and proteins, bee pollen contains enzymes that help digestion. Enzymes assist the body in the Capatarea all the nutrients you need from the food that you eat.

6. Immune system amplifier

Pollen is good for the intestinal flora and therefore supports the immune system. According to the expert in holistic medicine, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Bee Pollen type antibiotic properties which may help protect the body against viral disease contraction. pollen is also rich in antioxidants that protect cells from harmful free radical oxidation.
Immune system

7. Treat addictions

Use holistic healing dependencies and inhibition and self-control, acts by suppressing impulses. Because the Bee Pollen annihilate requires cravings research very helpful on this health benefit, especially when it comes to weight control.

8. Supports the cardiovascular system

Bee Pollen contains large quantities of rutin, a bioflavonoid antioxidant that helps to strengthen capillaries, blood vessels, helps in case of circulatory problems and corrects the level of cholesterol.
cardiovascular system
His special powers may help prevent heart attacks result from and attacks the brain.

9. Help for prostate

Men suffering from benign prostate hyperplasia may find comfort in the use of pollen. Pollen may help reduce inflammation to stop frequent impulses to urinate.

10. Sterilizing problems

Pollen stimulates the ovarian function and restores it, so it can be used for those that fail to conceive.  Besides the fact that it is an amplifier and also an extraordinary aphrodisiac!

How to consume bee pollen?

Bee Pollen is food and act faster and more effectively if it is taken at meal time especially with fruit, which allows achieving an easy cleaning of the intestinal flora.
A spoon for breakfast, preferably with a piece of fruit: fruit fibers (hemicellulose raw) fresh restate pollen activity. You’ll be thrilled to know that also beekeepers are able to remove pollen from beehives without bees or let them go to disrupt the routine.
So it is preferable to buy bee pollen from a trusted source, a source that does not hurt the bees and is clean. It’s good to know that pollen it’s good to be eaten and stored in its raw state, that is soft and not dry.
Once purchased you have kept from the freezer.

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