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10 Things No One Ever Tells You About Cutting Your Hair

by Tatiana Plesco

You need to know a few things about cutting your hair irrespective of whether you are cutting a few inches of hair or going for the big chop. The following tips on getting your hair cut will help you to derive the best out of your haircut.

  • Forget the trimming sessions:

Avoid trimming your hair every 6 to 8 weeks and opt for a trim every 3 to 4 months. Because hair does not begin to split before that and you do not really need a trim prior to that.

  • No shampoo before trimming:

Avoid shampooing hair before trimming your hair. This way you will not dry out the cuticle two times because you have to wash your hair after a trim anyway.

  • No need to cut hair very often:

Some people believe that hair grows faster with increased frequency of haircuts. This is not true. Hair growth is not dependent upon getting rid of the ends of your hair. Trimming only serves to keep hair healthy and plays no role in hair growth.

  • Trim when dry:

Hair should be trimmed when it is dry. Go to a good salon specializing in natural haircuts to get the best possible haircut.

  • Layering based on hair texture:

Choose a layered cut based on your hair texture. Layers should not be exactly even, for tighter curls, while for even layers, straight hair is perfect.

  • Get suitable bangs:

Find out what suits your face best and accordingly, choose bangs. For square faces, long and wispy bangs work great whereas, for round faces, soft and shorter bangs work well.

  • Think before opting for short hair:

Short hair needs more maintenance and frequent trips to salons. It turns out to be more expensive and time-consuming, so weigh your options before going for the big chop.

  • Know your options:

Search websites for haircut inspiration and check out all your options, before heading to a salon. Ask your stylist, about a suitable cut based on your hair texture and the maintenance efforts needed.

  • Get a trim when split ends appear:

Split ends travel fast, so when you spot one, trim your hair to prevent it from becoming weak and brittle. When split ends are more than unsplit ends that mean a haircut is overdue.

  • Salon apprentice websites in your locality:

 This is an inexpensive option where you can get great service at the fraction of the actual cost. Volunteer to be a hair model for licensed stylist and you will see the difference.

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