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10 Top Tips To Select The Precise Kids Entertainer

by Tatiana Plesco
10 Top Tips To Select The Precise Kids Entertainer

Kids entertainers are very well-liked and you desire to make sure that you select the correct one, your son/daughter’s birthday is only once a year and you don’t want it to be a disaster. Here are ten top tips to guide you through the procedure.

  • Their introduction

Kids Entertainer

Many entertainers effort for large organizations and they all go under the same name such as “Magic Sam the Magic Man” for example. When you put someone who you think is suitable, see that you will be getting that person and that you haven’t landed on a company based website.

  • Their show suitable for the child’s age

Just because someone advertises as a children’s entertainer doesn’t denote that they provide for children of all ages. Make sure that the little ones will not miss out on the enjoyment because the entertainer only caters for the older children.

  • What do they do exactly?

It may appear like a flashy website and they describe themselves as a children’s entertainer but you require to make out what you are getting for your money. Is it just a magic show or will they be doing the games too? All this should be clearly shown on their website, usually where they let know you the prices of various packages that they present. If it doesn’t clearly give details on the website then go elsewhere.

  • Do they provide suitable prizes?

If they present prizes what are they? You don’t wish for and shouldn’t wait for cheap plastic rubbish that will go down apart as soon as the child gets home. If unsure just ask, you want to identify what you are going to get for your money.

Kids Entertainer

  • How long do they wait?

If they publicize a 2-hour show for example, does this include the setting up a time and what do they do when the children are having their tea? A good entertainer will reach your destination early, set up and be ready to start in on. This time and the packing away time will not be included in their 2-hour show. Also, a good children’s entertainer will keep the kids entertained whilst they are having their party food.

  • Are they CRB checked?

It is necessary that you make in no doubt that your children’s entertainer is CRB checked, if not keep well away!

  • Are they insured?

All entertainers should have public responsibility insurance in case anything unexpected happens. Again, if they cannot keep well away.


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