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11 Makeup And Fashion Mistakes That Age You

by Tatiana Plesco
Makeup And Fashion Mistakes

Your choice of clothing and makeups can highlight your sense of style, compliment your good features, and keep you looking fresh and full of life. But sometimes these choices can backfire an ill-fitting dress that stretches and sags in all the wrong places or a shade of cosmetics that accentuates fine lines and wrinkles.

Here are 11 errors makeup that he would never be committed to being on top of its beauty.

  • 1# Using Heavy Black Eyeliner

Dark, dramatic eyes can be tricky to pull off, says Ping, and they tend to be less and less flattering on most females as they age. Our eyelashes thin out as we get older, and females sometimes try to overcompensate for that with lots of black cosmetics, she says. All that does, though, is draw care to the wrinkles around your eyes.

  • 2# Being Nostalgic About Clothes:

When giving private clients a style overhaul, I find they tend to hang onto things that just don’t fit right. Some are method too big and boxy; some are so small you can barely button them, but they keep them, either because they expand a lot of cash on them or because they have sentimental value. Consider having these pieces tailored, if likely, so you can continue to wear them with confidence, she proposes. Otherwise, donate them, sell them to a second-hand store, or take them out of your closet and store them as remembrances, not as part of your current wardrobe.

  • 3# Too Disguise His Eyes And His Mouth

It is a bit basic.

Between eye cosmetics and makeup mouth: he must choose.

Because there is nothing less than a red mouth chip mega flashy and smoky purple, all on the same little face, it will be necessary to reduce one of the 2 to do a focus on your eyes OR on your lips.

  • 4# Put Too Much Mascara

Rare are those that go easy on it with makeup. And the problem, when it was too heavy a hand on the makeup, is that instead of ending up with an elegant eye cosmetics effect “eye dog” is generally left with a leaden gaze, and lashes that appear more like the chicken scratch than anything else.

  • 5# Choose Too Dark Foundation

It never ceases to repeat: the choice of foundation is necessary for the make-up routine. And when you need to purchase a foundation and you are afraid to deceive you, our advice is to bet on rather a tint tone below you, so as not to end up with a carrot tan horribles Sime, miles away from the effect you are viewing for.

  • 6# Ease Off OnThe Blush

Yes, having an effect on the cheeks rosy, it’s beautiful. Provided not too much.

A little blush on touching cheeks with a brush and hop, a healthy light is obtained.

Needless to power the dose and end up mode “Russian matryoshka doll way.”

  • 7# Put A Lip Pencil In A Different Color Of Lipstick

Unless remained in the 1990s, nowadays we can no longer afford to apply the lip pencil a shade darker than red! Otherwise, hello vulgar effect. So you think to purchase a pencil outline of the lips adapted to his red grape, for a fade effect neither seen nor known, and which will provide the best resistance to your lipstick.

  • 8# smoky-eyes turn her into “panda eyes”

A nicely done smoky, ca every time the effect.

However, when it is too spread out, too strong, so there is the assured panda-eye.

And we, the black eye, at Cosmo’s not great followers!

Choose a concealer too bright

Unlike the foundation it is best to select lighter than her skin tone, the concealer, he should not be too cheerful compared to the color of your skin, otherwise accentuate dark circles more and do not brighten the appearance.

We must, therefore, select a concealer that is the most half shade lighter than your skin.

  • 9# Forget The Flashy Eyelids

Unless a barbie lassie in a Barbie World, we forget to associate its pink eyeshadow to her sneakers!

In short: we must banish pastel eyeshadows or color-block which give a gluey effect.

  • 10# Put Lip Balm Before Red

Think a stick will help “treat” chapped lip is a mistake.

A lip balm is bold.

As an effect, when you come over applying the balm, lipstick, it gives you a thousand: it does not!

So if you want to hydrate your mouth before the cosmetics, do 30 minutes prior to the pigments cling and take longer.

  • 11# Do Not Remove Cosmetics Before Going To Bed

This is one of an essential commandment of makeup stash.

Even if it’s late and you take in a little tipsy from a gathering, it should in no case ô never, ever to skip the stage of removal.


Simply because a clean and clear membrane is an indispensable basis for a beautiful makeup.

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