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11 Best Fashion Tips

by Tatiana Plesco
Best Fashion Tips

Since style has become an aspect of life important to everyone and not just rich folks, an influx of do and does not advice has gradually been dispensed. We thought we’d take a look at the olden times of fashion and see what stood out as the 12best fashion tips of all time, and this is what we culled!

  • Hem your pants

Hem your pants to a specific shoe size. This is one of the biggest mistakes females make according to stylist Kate Young. In maximum cases, the hems of the pants should just graze the highest of the shoes and be about 1.5cm (½ inch) to 2cm (¾ inch) off the floorboards.

Hem your pants

  •  Embrace your design

Fashionable Shoshanna Gruss is quoted in the post as saying “Once you know which silhouettes flatter; you should filter fashions ruthlessly”. For instance, if you are petite and shapely evade tall columns and billowy maxis. Go for a defined midriff and just above the knee hems. When I look back at some pictures of my younger days I think what was I thinking.

  • Layer your necklaces

Coco Chanel did this with many strings of pearls at different sizes placed over a beaded necklace. You can do multiples of the similar material or create differences with different materials chains, feathers with beads or pearls with diamantes. I have a preferred one pearl necklace and I now team it with two strings of pearls left to me by mom in law.

Layer your necklaces

  • Edit your clothing

This is a brilliant plan I often give away items I have not worn for a few years. I kind of made a wee law for myself if I buy something new I have to give something away. But I must admit I don’t every time follow my own rule. Well, they do say rules are prepared to be broken.

  • Upgrade with keys.

This is a great idea. You can update an out of date item and can also make a less luxurious piece of clothing look more costly simply by replacing buttons

  • Show limited skin

Jen Rade advises her clients to select only one body part to show off; if it’s cleavage don’t display your legs, if it’s your legs then stay covered up on top. This is similar to decorating an apartment with 2 focal points. They fight with each other for care.

Show limited skin

  • Own, at least, one thing that has a Leopard design

 In style states, it is timeless and always the stylish choice. I have a Leopard decorative scarf and when I think a suit needs just a little something I add this scarf.

  • Mix your designs

 A basic trick is to wear 2 prints that repeat the same colors or mix a large scale design with a smaller one. Although I think; this needs to be done with caution large-scale designs can overwhelm slender or petite information. Another trick is repeating a second theme from the fabric as an accent.

  • Conquer your panic of color

You can do this and still play it harmless by combining a neutral with a bolder color like creamy. It’s kind of similar to painting an apartment in a neutral; then adding colored accessories. Black teamed with a bold color can now appear dated. Try colors that are close to everyone other on the color wheel, for example, coral, and orange

  • Add an element of amaze

For example a motorcycle jacket over formal clothing, an oversized choker with a simple silver t-shirt, or a vivid belt as a touch of contrast. Just like following the interior style principle of adding a discordant item to an apartment to add impact.

  • Don’t purchase a bargain if you don’t love it

 Resist the urge to purchase an item because it is on sale or you are scared you will miss out on it if you do not purchase it now. I have been guilty of doing just that and have lived to regret the buy. But I comfort myself with the fact I make this mistake rarely. And no one’s faultless right; well I’m not although I’d like to be.

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