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12 Interesting Facts About Herbs That You Need To Know

by Tatiana Plesco
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Herbs or natural plants are used for manufacturing medicines, perfumes, and flavorings. They are also consumed as food by different types of people. Herbs like turmeric, cinnamon offers vast health benefits such as controlling blood sugar levels, avoiding strokes, constipation, etc. Most people of higher age groups must be aware of this thing. Also, they would be aware of tips and tricks for making delicious recipes from Herbs. But, still, there are many things that must not be known by people. Herbal knowledgeable is pretty vast. Therefore, you need to research a lot for growing your mind in the area of herbs. Here, I have shared some essential herbal facts that should be known by all. Read this article and improve your knowledge about Herbs:

  • Chilies contain more vitamins than fruits –

Certainly, chilies are better alternatives than fruits for availing several vitamins. A particular type of chilly called Paprika contains more vitamin C content than fruits such as oranges. Due to this reason, chilies play an important role in killing bacteria and avoiding stomach ulcers. Chilies are also used like onions, oregano, and garlic.

Chilies contain more vitamins than fruits

  • Nutmeg makes up Tasty desserts And Soups –

Nutmeg tree has been originated from rain forests of Indonesia. A fruit that grows on this tree gives rise to nutmeg seeds.These seeds are available in vast amounts in the supermarket. It is depicted that nutmeg is a great material for curing fever, headaches, and other health problems. Nutmeg seeds are also used in making delicious Soups, pies, and desserts.

  • Saffron is the Most Expensive Spice –

Out of all spices that are available in the world, Saffron is the costliest. It is because saffron is present in limited amounts and is found in India, Iran, and Mexico.

Saffron is the Most Expensive Spice

  • Basil Comes with a Unique Flavour –

In terms of flavor, this herb beats two wonderful materials – thyme and origanum. Due to this reason, the basin is used in making tasty dishes such as pasta, pizza, etc.

  • Turmeric is Evolved from Ginger Family –

The yellow color turmeric you see every day is originated from a specific rhizome. This rhizome belongs to ginger (Zingiberaceae). Turmeric is among the most effective antiseptics available in the world.


  • Cloves can be Used for Making Cigarettes –

According to Indonesians, you can make cigarettes with the help of cloves. Therefore, many aroma cigarettes come from Indonesia. Cloves are also used by Africans as flavor ingredients in hot teas. They say, with cloves, you can treat nausea and vomiting problems.

  • Parsley is a great enhancer –

Parsley, a herb rich in vitamins A and C offer vibrant color to dishes and recipes. It helps in making good garnishing. This herb is greatly used in enhancing the color of fishes, meats, soups, rice, potatoes, stews and sauces.


  • The World’s hottest Chill grows in South America –

If you want to consume the hottest chili, you need to go to South America. The hottest chilis called Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Chill. This chill can cause burns in very shorter periods. The burning effect is too intense that it can break the protective latex gloves.

  • Rosemary’s benefits are known from ancient periods –

From the days of Greek scholars, rosemary has been used in various recipes and snacks. In addition to recipes, rosemary garlands are also used for making oils. These oils are applied on hair and scalp. It is depicted that rosemary oils help in enhancing mental capabilities.



  • Cinnamon heals Joint and Arthritis Pains –

Here is a wonderful herb for treating several health problems. With cinnamon, you can cure arthritis pains and improve your memory. You can also prevent yourself from diabetes and high cholesterols.

  • Star Anise Can Cause Tamiflu –

One of the common spice, star anise contains a particular chemical that contributes a lot to Tamiflu. So, lack of this spice increases Tamiflu and people need to consume several drugs. Less occurrence of star anise has increased prices of various drugs that cure Tamiflu.

  • Fennel seeds arrive with wonderful properties –

According to researchers, fennel seeds contain some volatile oils that offer antispasmodic properties. These properties help in preventing problems such as like bloating, IBS and gas.

Fennel seeds

Wrapping It Up

You need to know several things about Herbs and spices. In comparison to citrus fruits like oranges, chilies contain more vitamins.With nutmeg, you can make many delicious desserts and soups.Saffron is considered as the world’s most expensive spice. Because of a wonderful flavor, basil is used in pizzas, pasta, and other recipes.Turmeric, a white color herb, believed to be evolved from Ginger Family. By using cloves, you make special types of cigarettes called aroma cigarettes. Parsley, a herb that contains vitamin C and A is used for enhancing the taste of fishes, rice, stews, and potatoes. Learn about these interesting facts for enriching your knowledge about Herbs.

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