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12 Must-Have Items in Every Mom’s Purse (#9 You Rely on the Most)

by Tatiana Plesco
Every Mom's Purse

Leaving your house and not having to carry a purse that’s 10 pounds heavy. Isn’t that just a dream? But here’s the truth. You’ve got kids. And even though it might not be a written law, you know you have to pack a few essentials as a mother. After all, you are responsible for carrying the things they need and might need. So how about I discuss the list of the must-have items in every mom’s purse?

Many moms end up taking the difficult path in order to learn and accept this rule. Even short trips require you to carry such essentials. Your kid knows absolutely nothing about convenience or pooping etiquettes. So don’t expect him/her to wait for even a minute to reach home and then blow out.

Your chances of having to change the diaper during that 10-minute trip might be slim. But they’re not unlikely. Trust me. So wouldn’t it be better if you have all the supplies at your disposal?

Even bigger kids like toddlers are equally taxing. You don’t stop being a responsible mom just because you don’t have to carry that huge diaper bag anymore. The best purses for moms with toddlers are in business for a reason. It’s because many women with children find them the most useful. When it comes to stuffing all kinds of different things in it!

Now let’s find out all the must-have items in every mom’s purse. Once you know what to carry, you might carry it.

Must-Have Items in Every Mom’s Purse

Yes, it’s great news that you’re finally done with that huge, ugly-looking diaper bag. A purse means more freedom and style. However, don’t think, even for a second, that the storage items are going to change too. Diaper bag and purse might be two different entities. But what goes inside remains the same. At least as long as your kids and unpredictable situations go hand in hand!

The following are the must-have items in every mom’s purse:

#1 Snacks


You have the perfect mom purse. So now it’s time to bring in those perfectly healthy snacks too. Or bribes, as I would like to call them!

There’s no denying that kids love to snack. Actually, who doesn’t! You don’t want your little one to turn into a monster just because he/she is hungry. They’re not going to wait to get home or to the restaurant patiently. So it always goes a long way to keep a stash of almonds or some tasty yet healthy munchies in your bag. Who knows you might need it too!

#2 Tissues

Mom or no mom; tissues are essential in every purse. Cleaning up that runny nose or wiping off the food particles around the mouth. Even adults do that! As for your toddler, you might have to mop up his/her small spill. Or throw away the chewed gum. And when it’s not these things, it’ your sleeve that requires cleaning up!

#3 Baby Wipes

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Baby Wipes

Wipes are absolutely necessary when out with kids. Let alone a baby!

Unfortunate events take place quite unpredictably. So you never know when you might just spot a little bit of unwanted stuff on your child’s face, body, or tushy. And your spit is not enough to clean everything now, is it?

#4 Hand Sanitizer

If you’re carrying tissues and baby wipes, then hand sanitizer is a given.

Toddlers touch everything. Their hands come in direct contact with germs. This is when a good hand sanitizer comes to the rescue. Using it can really prevent the spread of countless germs and flu.

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxonJTWhBJQ”]

#5 Caffeine (for the mommy, of course!)



Motherhood is fun and all. But it’s also equally exhausting. You know you can’t deny that! So at such times, a little bit of help goes a long way. A little bit of help in the form of caffeine that is.

The best beverage I can think of right now is a Diet Coke. Plus, the can’s plenty compact to fit into your purse.

#6 Lotion

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If sanitizer is a part of the must-have items in every mom’s purse, then so is lotion. The former can make the skin look and feel very dry. Clean but dry. So how about moisturizing those hands!

Also, lotion in the bag means you’re free to soothe chapped cheeks or noses. And eliminate static!

Another time when a lotion comes in handy is when the lip balm is nowhere to be found. Just don’t lick your lips unless your taste buds are into flowers.

#7 Toys



Let me make an unknown fact clear right away. Do you know why toys like crayons, mini-figures, play cars, etc. are so small? It’s because they are designed to conveniently fit in any bag. These purse-sized toys are simply perfect to keep your toddler entertained. Or distracted during a long and boring wait!

A toy is a must in every purse essentials list for moms. A mom without one is a mom without fun!

#8 Bandages

You don’t need to have klutzy kids to keep bandages handy. They are the most important emergency items for a purse. Every purse survival kit should have a remedy like this.

Scrapes and cuts are common when you let your children loose. So why not score full marks when it comes to being a responsible and caring parent!

#9 Smartphone


Don’t you think this should have been the first item on the list? Well, to be honest, no mom or human being, in today’s world, forget to carry their smartphone. But let’s face the ugly truth here. You don’t want your kid to be entirely dependent on this smart device. Both toddlers and adults spend a lot of time video-gaming, browsing, texting, etc. as it is. And you obviously don’t want to encourage that habit.

But sometimes it can get difficult to divert your kid’s attention. Or keep him/her busy while you’re actively trying to complete a task. And at such times, a smartphone and its wonderful apps feel like a life-saver. However, you can choose to download apps that might actually benefit your little creature’s brain. Instead of downloading senseless and addictive games!

When you’re doing something wrong, you might as well do it right. What say?

#10 Sunglasses

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Some days are bright while some are dull. And when it’s the former, a pair of sunglasses feels like the best thing in the world.

Also, it’s not uncommon to want to hide your dark circles with the help of your shades. Or conceal the fact that you forgot to wear mascara. Cause you were too busy trying to do something for your toddler before leaving the house.

#11 Nail Clipper and Tweezers

You need a nail clipper to get rid of hangnails, anytime and anywhere. Your teeth just won’t do at such times. And what about those stray hairs? For that, you require a pair of tweezers.

Not just for yourself. Equipment like tweezers come in handy when dealing with unpleasant splinters as well. Little things also have the ability to save the day. Trust me.

#12 A Change of Clothes

A Change of Clothes

Don’t trust a baby or a toddler when it comes to keeping their clothes clean. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought otherwise. And ended up regretting not carrying an extra set of clothes for my moody bundles of joy!

Even if you think the trip is going to be a short one carry a change of clothes. When people say life is unpredictable, believe them. I’m sure whoever came up with that was a mom. So don’t underestimate the power of an extra set of clean, fresh clothes.

This brings me to the end of the must-have items in every mom’s purse.

That’s About It All!

Let’s face the truth. If you were a kangaroo, your pouch would be your purse.

The must-have items in every mom’s purse are essential for your kids’ well-being. A kangaroo mom won’t find her little one chewing gum. But you definitely will. That’s one reason to be jealous of kangaroos now, isn’t it?

So tell me, did you find the post useful? Do you think I listed any unnecessary items? If you have any more to add, please do so. You can drop in your feedback and comments too.

Have a great day, mommies!

About the author:

Jennifer Kessler is a mommy that sprung into the blogging scene not very long ago. But in such a short span of time, this enthusiastic and cheerful mother has created a platform so marvelous. Her work spans across a variety of popular topics. That appeal to pregnant women and new mothers. And she plans on inspiring and encouraging many such women. That is located just about anywhere in the world for as long as the World Wide Web exists.

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