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12 Natural Solutions to Clean Almost Anything in the House

by Tatiana Plesco
clean house naturally
Anyone who wants a clean house clean, but nowadays clean means more than dirt and mud. Non-chemical means more toxic potential. ‘ Clean ‘ your cleaning actions through quitting toxic commercial products and in favor of those made in the House. With this shopping list including basic products you can find at any store, you can clean almost anything.
With these products easy to find, you can clean almost anything.

1. Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda): Rubbing, bleaching

Use baking soda to remove odors and to bleach. A paste of baking soda and water may help whiten sinks and tubs, and a box of baking soda in the fridge, bathroom cabinets to help absorb odors.
Sodium bicarbonate
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2. Bee wax: Wood polishing

Forget about oily luster products for furniture in favor of the most natural bee wax. Find a local bee breeder, and support your local economy!

3.Cornstarch and soda (soda water or any carbonated water unsweetened): Removing Stains

For a quick treatment of stains from carpets, drapes, coat the stains with absorbent starch. Leave it on the stain approximately 20 minutes, then pour the soda/carbonated water to remove the stain. Also, try the starch on the oil dripping on fabrics.

4. Hydrogen peroxide: Disinfect, removing stains

Hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide) is a powerful disinfectant. To kill mold, combine the baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to create a paste, apply it on the mold and let sit for a few minutes before you clean it.

5. Lemon: Removing stains and odors

Lemons are an excellent solution for removing odors from the kitchen. Go half a lemon over a cutting board dirty and you will remove heavy odors such as onion or fish. Lemon juice adds power to any cleaning solutions.

6.Homemade liquid soap: Foaming power

House liquid soap (made with olive oil instead of lard of the pig) is a general-purpose soap based on olive oil, can be used for washing, cleaning floors and many others. For a floor or a wall/wall clean, combine one cup of vinegar with less than four liters of hot water and a few drops of soap.

7. Olive oil: For polishing wood

Olive oil for reconditioning wood naturally, like skin and hair!
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8. Pine oil: Cleaning floors of softwood 

Pine Oil naturally reconditions the wood floors and has a fresh scent.

9. Essential oils of plants: Non-chemical scents

Though are without chemicals, pure essential oils are strong. Always do a test through the smell before buying, to make sure that you are not sensitive to vapor and manipulate pure essential oils with caution. A few drops of essential oil can be an antibacterial and antifungal power solution for cleaning. More important? They leave a fresh scent. Look for pure essential oils, undiluted, in vials dark brown or blue. Keep them in the dark.

10. Salt: For rubbing

Coarse Salt through rubbing will give the power to remove grease. To clean the insistent stains of soap, combine bicarbonate of soda and coarse salt and rub.

11. Crystallized laundry detergent (sodium carbonate): Stain removal, degreasing, and rubbing

Laundry detergent is a powerful cleaning ingredient that acts such as baking soda, but stronger. Use the laundry detergent for cleaning toilets, or mix with water for a powerful general purpose cleaner. Many recommend borax, but recent studies of the Working Party on the environment (Environmental Working Group) have found that it is overly harsh. You can replace the borax with soda, less take in almost any recipe.
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12. White Vinegar: Disinfecting, removing stains

White Vinegar is the source of energy to clean. Disinfects and deodorizes, vinegar is a desirable product to get rid of germs what haunt certain places such as kitchen tables/tops, door handles, and telephones.
With a little effort and ingenuity, we can eliminate all unnatural chemicals from cleaning the house.
What other natural solutions you are using for cleaning your home?
Share them with us, don’t forget here we learn together!
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