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13 Interesting Benefits of Garlic

by Tatiana Plesco
Benefits of Garlic

Garlic has a pungent smell and is useful in certain dishes, and is considered an excellent medicinal plant. Well, first of all, it contains allicin, which is an ingredient therapeutic, with many medicinal qualities.
Allicin is a defense mechanism of garlic against pest attack. When the plant is injured, it produces allicin via enzymatic reactions. The enzyme converts the allicin that is toxic for insects and microorganisms. Allicin contains sulfur, which gives garlic its aroma and distinctive smell. Garlic helps fight heart diseases, the cold, cough, and lowers blood pressure.

What is garlic?

Garlic is one of the oldest foods used for spicing up your dishes, since antiquity. It belongs to the genus Allium and is originally from Central Asia. Humanity has recognized the therapeutic qualities of this magical plant for over 3,000 years. Louis Pasteur, the scientist who discovered pasteurization, effectively used the anti-bacterial qualities of garlic since 1858.

Nutritional Values of Garlic 

From the first world, war Surgeons have used garlic juice benefits as antiseptic for wound treatment. It contains minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, and iron, as well as micromineral as iodine, sulfur, and chlorine, which are also present in cloves of garlic. 100 g of raw garlic contains 60% water, 149 kcal, and 6,4 mg of protein, 6.4 g carbohydrates, 0.5 g fat, 181 mg 1.7 mg calcium, iron, magnesium, 25 mg phosphorus mg 153, 401 mg potassium, sodium 21 mg 17, mg vitamin C IU vitamin A, 9.

The Health Benefits of Garlic

Health benefits of garlic are explained at length below. 

Improve Digestion

Everyday inclusion of garlic in your diet helps to eliminate any digestive problems. The herb helps in the normal functioning of the digestive system. Even gastric swelling is relieved with garlic treatment.

digestive problems solved with garlic

Garlic in your diet helps to eliminate any digestive problems

Control Diabetes

Diabetes can harm the kidneys, nervous system, inhibit functions that cause cardiovascular disease, and can even result in low vision. Oil extracted from garlic can protect diabetic patients of these adverse reactions.

Reducing Cholesterol Levels

Between the two types of cholesterol-LDL and HDL, the first is bad for human health. Garlic allicin rich, efficient oxidation of LDL cholesterol prevents. All those who have high cholesterol levels should include this plant in your daily diet.

Reducing Hypertension

When exposed to high levels of pressure, present in garlic Allicin relaxes blood vessels. It also fights against thrombosis by reducing platelet aggregation. Consumed garlic to prevent the risk of hypertension, but do not replace the medication.

Eye Care

Garlic is rich in nutrients like selenium, quercetin, and vitamin C, all helping to treat eye infections.

Eye Care with garlic

Garlic is rich in nutrients like selenium, quercetin, and vitamin C, all helping to treat eye infections

Ear Pain Diminish

Garlic cures ear pain because it has multiple antiviral properties, antifungal, an antibiotic. Its oil can be easily made at home by squeezing juice from bulbs and adding it to olive oil. The mixture should be kept at room temperature for a few days then keep it in the fridge.

Treatment Of Intestinal Problems

Garlic resolves the majority of bowel problems, such as diarrhea and dysentery, colitis. Its role in eliminating intestinal worms is phenomenal. It does not affect the operation of useful organisms in the gut, which helps in digestion, but destroys harmful bacteria present in the intestines. It contains ingredients that change the pH and increase body temperature, which in turn produces pest control or removal of their death.

Treating Colds

Raw garlic treats colds and coughs. At the onset of a cold, you should eat at least two crushed bulbs, which will help in lessening its severity. Intense aroma of garlic could cause a sinus, causing your nose or triggering a sneeze, which, in the case of colds, may represent a beneficial effect.

Treating Wounds

Garlic placed on infected wounds as an herbal treatment is perfect. Should be mixed with three drops of water, and not used in its natural form because undiluted juice can irritate the skin.

Treating Wounds with garlic

Acne Prevention 

Half the people around the world are suffering from light forms up to severe acne. Garlic can be used together with other ingredients such as honey, cream, and Kurkuma, to treat acne scars and to prevent the initial development of it. Garlic acts as a cleaning substance and one antibiotic for skin eruptions.

Asthma Control

Bulbs of garlic are lovely as an alternative for the treatment of asthma. Every night, before going to bed, a glass of vegetable milk mixed with two cloves of garlic can bring mitigation of symptoms of patients with asthma. Asthma attacks can be carried under control, and by eating crushed garlic bulbs mixed with vinegar.

Increase Libido 

Garlic has aphrodisiac properties so that this useful plant can have a positive impact on your sexual life. Garlic dilates blood vessels and improves circulation. It causes the release of nitric oxide in the blood, resulting in increased blood flow in the male genital organ, improving erection. People who have an exaggerated sexual activity should include garlic in their diet or as a supplement to protect itself from nervous exhaustion.

Cancer Prevention 

A regular intake of garlic reduces the risk of esophageal cancer, colon, and stomach. Contribute to reducing the production of carcinogenic compounds and also reduces the occurrence of tumors associated with breast cancer.

More Information About This Wonderful Plant 

After cutting, let it rest that garlic 5-10 minutes before cooking to allow the formation of allicin. Please take into account that the heat destroys some of the nutrients, after 5-15 minutes of cooking, there is a minimal loss of nutrients, after 15-30 minutes there is a moderate loss, after 45 minutes of cooking time we lose the nutrients.
The smell of garlic on your hands can diminish by rubbing an object from steel between palms under running cold water. To reduce unpleasant breathing caused by eating garlic, you can use parsley, milk, apples, spinach, mint, fennel, anise, lemon, or coffee beans, but the effects are slight. Excessive consumption of garlic can have adverse effects, in addition to bad breath and body odor.
The ingestion of fresh bulbs, extract, or oil can cause stomach burns, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea.

The recommended dosage is 4 g (1-2 cloves garlic) daily 300 mg of garlic powder in the form of tablets of 2-3 times per day or 7.2 g garlic extract per day.

Updated on 3/14/2020

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