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14 Reasons less known that it is best to breastfeed your baby

by Tatiana Plesco
breastfeed baby

The decision to breastfeed (or not) the child is a very personal decision. And if you’re lucky enough to be in a situation to make this choice, it is important to be as informed.
Here are 21 reasons to breastfeed:

1. Native sensitivity is more developed.

Studies have shown that nursing mothers present a more intense activity in the frontal gyrus, island, precuneus, and amygdala, striatum at hearing a child than mothers do not breastfeed. These areas of the brain are related to maternal sensitivity.

2. A greater distance between the children.

Extended breastfeeding help to increase the distance between the children. And the distance between tasks is advantageous for everyone involved: mother, father, brother/big sister and baby.

A greater distance between the children

3. Peace of mind.

In 2008, 53 000 children fed with milk powder from China arrived at the hospital due to a formula milk powder contaminated with a toxic substance called melamine ‘. ‘ Mother’s milk is just milk of mother; do you know where it comes from and what it contains.

4. Safe absorption of iron.

Harmful bacteria from the baby’s intestines can absorb the iron in the milk powder or drops, but iron from breastmilk contains lactoferrin protein ‘, ‘ which makes the iron only to be consumed by the baby.

5. Save money (and time) in the long run.

Breastfeeding exclusively for at least six months represent a substantial economy for a family. An American research study comparing 1000 babies who were never breastfed with 1000 babies breastfed exclusively and found that those who have not been breastfed had 2,033 medical visits with multiple scenarios, 212 days, in addition, to hospitalize and medical prescriptions.

Breastfeeding can save you time and money with long-term medical care unit.

6. More peace of mind.

A study looked at the relationship between the methods of feeding and sudden infant death. The results showed that breastfeeding reduced 50% with sudden infant death.

7. An increase in healthier weight and fewer infections.

Infants with low birth weight to be breastfed, and breast milk (extracted with the pump, either from a milk donor) significantly reduces the number of infections compared to babies born with low weight and fed powdered milk.

8. Better mental health care for the mother.

The hormone prolactin-also known as lactation hormone-is a key factor for mental health and regulate mood. It has proved that it has a relaxing effect and is associated with moods of mania and lower anxiety and more positive experiences in life.

Better mental health care

9. Better protection against toxins in the environment.

Breastfeeding will protect your baby from Socrates, which weakens the power of concentration and verbal memory. In a study proved that these symptoms occur more often in babies who were not breastfed than those fed with breast milk.

10. Less autoimmune thyroid disease.

According to a study comparing babies that are fed soy milk powder with breastfed babies, the prevalence of autoimmune thyroid disease was 31% in babies fed soy compared to 12% for those who breastfed.

11. Protection against infections of the ears and chest.

Optimum protection against pneumonia (a serious lung infection) and recurrent otitis (infection of the middle ear) was manifested at breastfed babies from four to six months and up. The two extra months of breastfeeding also seemed to have a significant impact on such health problems.

12. Faster development of the brain.

In the case of babies born with low birth weight, don’t get fooled by the ads made from powdered milk. Breastfeeding is beneficial, especially for the development of children’s neuronal born before 36 weeks.

13. Better protection against passive smoking.

Studies show that an infection in the baby’s chest is exacerbated by exposure to cigarette smoke (nothing surprising up here). But the study in question looks like breastfeeding that lasts more than four months protects babies from exposure and adverse effects of cigarettes.

14. Breastfeeding helps mothers to quit smoking.

If you’re smoking, you should know that breastfeeding has a role indirectly about waiving smoking, reducing the chances of you restarting this habit.

15. Better sleep.

Melatonin is a hormone that regulates the sleep cycle, and breast milk contains an amino acid called tryptophan (which is not present in the milk powder) and is essential in the production of melatonin.

16. Fewer harmful bacteria.

Harmful bacteria do not survive in the bowels of a baby. Why? Breast milk has a unique anti-adhesion property, an amazing feature that prevents bacteria pathogenic to attach to the intestinal membrane.

17. Low risk of celiac disease.

If you keep breastfeeding beyond six months, your baby will have fewer chances to develop sensitivity celiac in early childhood.

18. More calories burned by the mother.

Mothers who take insulin should be advised to breastfeed, simply because burning calories (energy) when producing milk. Blood glucose is the fuel that supplies this energy, which means that they will need less insulin.

19. Healthier teeth.

The breast is very different from a bottle and will help in the formation of normal dental structures more baby.

Healthier teeth for child

20. Storage is easier.

Breast milk can be stored without preservatives or additives in a refrigerator at-20 ° C even one year ago. This means that mothers who work or travel can extract breast milk using a pump and you can store without worry.

21. Better hydration and nutrition.

When you breastfeed, the first breast milk (or colostrum) is the first milk that gets the baby; It is thin and rich in sugar to satisfy thirst. The next milk is thicker and has a higher fat content in order to provide optimal energy baby. All milk powder formulas are static and have the same composition from the first till the last drop.

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