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18 Gifts You Can Give Your Kids That Will Change Their Lives Forever.

by Tatiana Plesco
18 Gifts You Can Give Your Kids That Will Change Their Lives Forever.
When you give from what you have you give very little. It is until you give from yourself, it’s truly giving. “-Kahlil Gibran
 We all have many memories from vacations. Most are related to family traditions, faith. Memories often carry the imprint of emotions, rather than remembering the presents itself. What gifts can we give our children, so that they don’t forget them? What memories would influence and change their lives forever?

  Here is a list of such gifts. 18 gifts that your children will never forget:

  •  1. Affirmations. 

 Sometimes a simple phrase can change a lifetime. Tell your children how much you appreciate them. And remind them of it as many times you get a chance.
  •  2. Art.

Since the Internet exists, anyone who wants to create something … can do it. The world only needs people who will …
  •  3. Challenges. 

Encourage your children to have big dreams. They will realize more than they ever would have thought what they can achieve…and probably more than even you would have thought.
  •  4. Compassion/Right

Life is not right. There will never be too many variables-. But when it happens an injustice or a situation that may be fixed, you would like your child to support getting justice.
  •  5. Satisfaction.

The more you have, the more you want. Therefore, one of the most valuable gifts you can give your child is to appreciate and to be grateful for what they have …and not with who they are.
  •  6. Curiosity.

Educate your children to ask questions: who, what, where, how, why and why not. ‘ don’t put so many questions ‘ are the words no parent should ever pronounce.
  •  7. Decision. 

One of the factors that contribute greatly to a person’s success is their willpower. How can you help your child to develop this virtue?
  •  8. The discipline. 

The discipline
Kids learn everything from the most tender age, including how to wear, how to connect with others, how to get results and how to make their dreams come true. Discipline shouldn’t  be avoided. On the contrary, must be applied consistently and positively.
  •  9. Encouragement. 

Words are very powerful. Can create or destroy. The words you choose today can provide encouragement and positive thoughts for your child or do the opposite. Choose with care.
  •  10. The Fidelity towards your partner.

 The Fidelity towards your partner
Faithfulness in marriage is not only what we do with our bodies. Means and what we do with our eyes, mind, heart, and soul. Be careful with your own sexuality every day and leave it just for your partner. Your kids will notice this.
  •  11. Finding beauty. 

Finding beauty
Help your children to discover the beauty in everything they see…and every person they know.
  •  12. Generosity. 

Teach your children to be generous with your stuff to learn to be generous with their own.
  •  13. Honesty/integrity.

Children that learn the importance of honesty at a young age are more likely to become honest adults. And adults who are quite honest in relationships with the people around them have a better impression of themselves, enjoy life more and sleep better at night.
  • 14. Hugs and kisses

Hugs and kisses
A man once told his 7-year-boy  that he is too big to be kissed. It is very sad to think so. Kids are never too old to get a physical confirmation of life from their parents.
  •  15. Imagination.

If there is one thing that you learn from your life is that it is a permanent change and every day faster and faster. The world of tomorrow will not be the same as the world today. And people with imagination are not only a living this life but also create it.
  •  16. Opening towards learning.

Opening towards learning
The desire to learn is different from academic learning, for an exam or to please the teachers. The pleasure of learning begins at home. So read, ask questions, analyze and expose. In other words, learn to love to learn.
  •  17. Love. … the best gift. 

  •  18. Meals together.

Meals together
Meals taken together are opportunities for communication that cannot be found in any other context. They have so much importance that if a family doesn’t dine together, does not grow together.

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