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3 Effective Ways To Get Skinnier Arms Without Hitting The Gym

by Tatiana Plesco
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Are you bothered with your flabby upper arms? If you are, you’re not the only one suffering from it. Studies show that many women complain about the unwanted fat that clings to the upper arms like a second skin. Truth is the upper arm is where women usually store fats along with the hips and thighs. Sounds bad but it doesn’t mean that there’s no remedy for it. You can get rid of those flaws sooner than you expect with proper training, discipline, and willpower. Don’t forget the dieting part as well which will come in later after you’ve toned your upper arms—but better get starting on cutting off those unhealthy treats to speed up results. You also don’t need to be enrolled in a gym just to get the flab out from your upper arms. There are ways for you to achieve skinnier and toner arms only with some affordable equipment in the comfort of your home. Getting rid of your chicken winged upper arms will not be easy, but it will definitely be worth the pain once you see the results. Skinnier upper arms will also boost your confidence when wearing tank tops, sleeveless dresses, and other flaunting clothes. Read on and learn from the simple steps you can do to achieve the results you desire.

  • Things to Prepare

Here are some exercise materials and other stuff you will need to aid you in achieving flab-free upper arms: ● A yoga mat for exercises that require you to lie or sit down. ● Dumbbells for exercises that require weightlifting. Choose a dumbbell that you can carry and one that you’re comfortable to use. ● Resistance bands for exercises requiring muscular tension sans weightlifting. ● A towel is also important for wiping sweat. ● Water to keep you hydrated.

  • Three Ways to Reduce Upper Arm Fats

Upper arm exercises should not be boring, so don’t get stuck up in just one routine. These three upper arm exercises can also consist of more exciting routines to keep your daily training fun and interesting. Choose from weight training, bodyweight exercises, and pilates or yoga exercises to keep your arms slim and toned.

  • Weight Training Exercises

You will need to use the dumbbells for the weight training exercises. Here are five weight training exercises that will strengthen your arms. Remember not to strain yourself and rest if needed. Quick and intense training is encouraged and do around six to eight repeats of each exercise.

  • Dumbbell Curls

To do this, hold your dumbbells with your palms in clenched facing forward. Begin with your hands on the sides of your thigh and fold your elbows till the dumbbells are facing your shoulders. You will feel a contraction in your biceps as you do this repeatedly.

  • Hammer Curls

Another variation is to keep your thumb forward with instead of your palms. Keep the dumbbells still at your side and bring the weight to a curl while keeping your thumb in front.

  • Tricep Kickbacks

Find a bench to aid you in this exercise. To achieve the triceps kickbacks, you will need to place your left knee on a bench then bend your body forward to 90 degrees and place your left arm on the bench. Use your right arm to carry the weight and start from your sides before raising your arm straight backward. Repeat for a few turns then does it with the other side.

  • Overhead Triceps Extensions

Hands facing forward, bring your dumbbells to an overhead position. Bring down the weights behind your head and straighten it back to overhead. Repeat.

  • Dumbbell Overhead Press

Bring the dumbbells beside your shoulders then stretch your arms as high as you can reach before lowering them back to their original positions.

  • Bodyweight Exercises

There are three ways you can enjoy these bodyweight exercises. With the name itself, you don’t need your dumbbells here. You will just need your game face on and, of course, a yoga mat to accomplish these easy steps to strengthen both your biceps and triceps.

  • Triangle (Diamond) Push Ups

Create a triangular or diamond shape using your forefingers and thumbs and place them under your chest while lying faced down. Push yourself up by keeping your hands close to your lower chest. Keep your body stiff so you can feel the impact of the exercise.

  • Bench Dips

A bench, chair, or even a bed will do to help you achieve this exercise. Sit on the bench and with your arms behind you. Slide yourself off the bench using your arms and make sure your butt is almost to the floor. Bring yourself back to sitting position and repeat.

  • Pike Push Ups

Still, with your bench, position yourself with your back to it. Place your feet on the bench and balance your body with both hands to the floor, keeping your arms straight. Once you’ve maintained a comfortable angle, slowly do push up reps from the floor back to that angle and repeat.

  • Pilates and Yoga 

Who would have known that that pilates and yoga can help you achieve slimmer upper arms? Well now that you know, you can do both these certain exercises to achieve your goals. They may seem easy and enjoyable enough, but you have to work on your breathing to maximize your efforts and maintain your endurance.

  • Upward Dog

Start with a basic push up on your yoga mat and keep your arms at their upward angle. You back gets a good stretch and while you will enjoy a rising tension from your arms to your shoulders.

  • Downward Dog

You can easily transition from upward dog to downward dog by putting your hips up and lowering your arms close to the floor while spreading out your fingers. You will feel the tension moving from your hips to your shoulders and down your arms. Hold it for a few seconds and repeat.

  • Chaturanga Pose

From downward dog, lower yourself as close as you can to the mat. Bring your arms close to your sides while maintaining your palms pressing down. Raise your upper body headfirst forwards while dragging your lower body to the same direction. Then lift both your arms straight to recreate a lever position. This is also called the sun salutation position, a basic in any yoga exercise.

  • Side Plank

Push your body to the side using your bottom arm. Keep one arm below the mat and others arm on your hips. Maintain the same position before moving to the other side.

  • Pilates Biceps Curls

This is a simple exercise similar to dumbbell curls except that you will need to use resistance bands. Stand straight with your arms in front at shoulder level. Bring your hands to a curl using the resistance bands before going back to your starting position.

  • Resistance Band Curl Holds

Stand straight and place your hands on your sides. Keep the resistance bands under your feet and pull the holder upwards shoulder level. Hold, release and repeat.

  • Are You Done?

If you’ve practiced these exercises at home, you’ll soon notice remarkable changes in your upper arms after a few sessions. Discipline yourself to do one set of these exercises every day for at least 15 minutes and you’re good. With these exercises, proper diet, and sufficient rest, you will not only achieve slimmer and toner upper arms but also create a healthier lifestyle. Do you have additional upper arm slimming exercises you can add? Feel free to leave a comment below. Don’t forget to like or share this if you find this article helpful and interesting.

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