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3 Things Women Need To Stop Apologizing For

by Tatiana Plesco

How often do the words I’m apologetic spill out of your mouth? If you’re a female, you’re likely to say sorry way more than your male counterparts.

Far more elusive and insidious than the simple I’ m-Sorry-Syndrome told sorry mindset where females apologize for who they are, how they look, what they want, and the selections they make.

Here are a few things women need to stop saying sorry for:

  • Apologizing foraging

I once saw a juxtaposed image of 2 famous Hollywood celebrities in a magazine. One was a man, one was a lady, and they were both 31 years old. The male superstar looked like typical 31-year-olds do: He had lines around his mouth and crow’s bases around his eyes. The lady looked ten years younger—not because she was undoubtedly baby-faced, but because she’d had work done.

  • Apologizing for our achievements

A study at Aston University, UK, found females were four times more likely than men to be self-deprecating, use humor, and express indirectly or apologetically when broaching problematic subjects with board members to avoid conflict. Females are also much more likely to downplay their successes when building resumes than men are.

  • Apologizing for our bodies

At any given time, 53% of 13-year-old girls are unhappy with their physiques. That number rises to 78% by age 17. What was meant to be our biggest, a most trusty friend, has become a not good enough for that needs to be starved, stuffed, treated, plucked, dyed, brown to fit with an unrealistic ideal? By disengaging with our physiques or by trying to contort it to look a specific method, we are destroying the very basis of our Goddess nature.

For us to practice our real authentic self, we need to have a sincere and loving relationship with our physique. Not one where we fight and work against it, but where we song into her requires her wisdom, so she can serve us well, point us in the right way and keep us healthy and happy.

Updated: 14 July 2020

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