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3 Ways To Memorialize Your Pregnancy

by Tatiana Plesco

Nine months of pregnancy looks perpetuity when you get that little pink positive on the check stick. In this day and age, we no longer have to delay until we start having symptoms of gravidity, which can start as late as 8 or 10 weeks for some. In its place, we have pregnancy tests that will determine positive just days after beginning. This can make the pregnancy journey appear even longer!

While you are growing, suffering morning bad health and anxiously awaiting the new addition to the family, here are a few methods to memorialize your pregnancy; both for yourself and to permit along to the kid in the future.

  • Write It

If you don’t by this time, now is a great time to take up journaling. A hardback paper to write would give you the choice of writing anytime, while eating mealtime, in bed, or in a waiting room. Picking out the book could be an exception in itself, as you will be picking something that touches you. If your penmanship is not something you chiefly want to share, journaling online offers an extensive variety of options. Generally called “blogging”, a weblog has been a popular technique of writing thoughts, opinions and sharing information with others. There are numerous blog communities, each offering different perks. Some make available private post options, so your posts are available to the general public, only to those you allow. Some permit categories, giving you the choice of writing about things other than fair your pregnancy. Others still are meant just at moms or with child moms. Take a look from place to place and find one that has a good feel for you.

  • Pregnant Belly, Say Cheese

Take monthly pregnant belly images. Start at the opening, or as soon as you are able. There may not be much of a Baby belly at 8 weeks along, but when you have a whole pregnancy worth of stomach shots, you’ll have fun observing at where you started and where you ended!

Some instructions for taking monthly belly pictures: Be consistent. Stand the similar way, by the same wall or door (or similar). Wear similar clothing (like a couple of sweatpants that you can wear almost during the course of). Show bare belly, or wear a shirt – or do one of each every time. The more reliable you are, the more obvious the pregnancy ups and downs when looking back.

  • Studio Pictures

You’ve got the digital camera captivating your own pregnant belly pictures, but an expert photographer will make some beautiful images for your baby belly book. Consider including siblings, if any, your spouse, and take pregnancy images that aren’t so “traditional”. Strip down and shawl up in whites robe, or gauze – with a dark background, this is lovely. Siblings touching or osculating baby belly makes for a touching moment. And your partner small hand on your belly, speak love. Of course, studio images are best towards the end of pregnancy, but don’t wait also long either!

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