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4 Apps To Help You Stay Fit And Healthy

by Tatiana Plesco

Our busy lives and hectic schedules have made everything complicated: we never had so little time, and yet again we never had so many ways to use that time as effectively as possible. We have apps for pretty much everything, but hesitate to put our health into the hands of someone who is not a doctor. However, there are wonderful apps out there that can help us stay fit and motivated, and our phones, which distract us so much, can actually make us healthier. 

  • FitStar

fitstar app

Once you install FitStar on your phone, it will be like you have a personal trainer on your smartphone. You will need to provide a lot of information about your body and your health in order for the app to generate plans which are personalized for you and your needs. Once it gets feedback, it will adjust properly and as your capabilities improve so will the workout routine. What is more, even if you decide to go to the gym, it will generate a full training session just for you, but if you don’t have time for the gym and only want a quick workout you will get a short session you can do at home. If you are just getting started and feeling rather insecure and too self-conscious, you will not have to share your results.

  • Liberate

liberate app

Instead of getting a terrifying diagnosis for the simplest symptoms from various ‘online doctors’, wouldn’t you like a simple way to get the best medical care available online? Liberate is an online database of over 90,000 medical experts who will be at your service with a touch of your finger. This app allows you to ask doctors questions about your health and allows you to make an appointment more easily. Not only will you be able to use the apps 24/7, but it will give you access to experts from different fields: psychologists, general practitioners, homeopathy, nutritionists, gynecologists, etc. With this app, you will get a chance to read blogs from experts and get easy tips and advice on health. Whether you’re interested in pregnancy, well being in general, parenting, or dieting; this app will provide you with all the information you need.

  • Period Tracker Lite

Period Tracker Lite

Women all over the world know how frustrating it can be to wait for your next period but not being sure exactly when it will happen. All the calculations can be in vain and you eventually get tired of trying to understand your menstrual cycle. Picking an app that can keep track of your cycle for you is a great way to lose that stress and relax. Period Tracker Lite has a calendar that will highlight future periods several months in advance, which is wonderful if you’re planning something big: a wedding, a holiday, or even a baby. It will also show you which days are the most and which the least fertile and it will allow you to keep track of any symptoms you might experience: cramps, mood swings, or acne breakouts. You can lock the app with a simple passcode so that your privacy stays protected if you want it to.

  • Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Do you wake up some mornings after a good night’s sleep and still feel drowsy and tired? One of the reasons may be that you are in a deep sleep when the alarm goes off and your sleep cycle is broken, thus making you feel even more tired. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock will monitor your movements while you sleep and it will wake you when you’re in your lightest sleep phase. You will not have to worry about oversleeping, there is a customizable window of up to 90 minutes which will make sure you get to work on time. One of the best things about smartphones and so many apps is the fact that health is more accessible than it ever was before. Choose apps which will make your life easier and help you stay healthy, safe, and in shape. Samantha Olivier is a blogger. When she is not running she can be found writing groovy blog posts for ripped.me.

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