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4 Best Exercises During Pregnancy

by Tatiana Plesco
Best Exercises During Pregnancy

You must be very happy after hearing about your pregnancy. But, if you want to keep this happiness in your future, you need to be very careful during these 9 months. You need to be conscious towards foods that you eat, activities that you perform and clothes that you wear. In short, you need to be conscious towards your entire lifestyle. For these 9 months, you need to live for your child. If you want to maintain your and your’s baby health, you need to perform some exercises regularly during your pregnancy period. Below, I have listed four amazing exercises that women should perform during their pregnancy:

  • Walking

Simple Walking is a wonderful exercise for maintaining health and fitness. You can perform these exercises anytime and at any place. Without putting much impact on your knees and ankles, you can get a wonderful cardiovascular workout. According to your preference, you can perform this exercise in the morning, in the evening or at night. Well, I suggest you perform this exercise in the early morning before breakfast. In the entire day, you can move around the neighborhood and stay active. Make sure that you do not walk on smooth surfaces, pebbles, rocks and other obstacles that can cause injuries. Always wear your supportive footwear before going for a walk.

  • Cycling

Out of all bicycles, a stationary bike is the best equipment for cycling activity. Even if you are starting an exercise program for the very first time, you can perform cycling without worrying about injuries. With cycling, you can increase your heart rate and improve the functioning of your respiratory system. One striking feature is that cycling is very much safe. If you want to change your center of gravity, you can do that easily. Unlike regular bikes, you cannot fall easily from stationary bikes. If you want more enhanced results, you can raise handlebars and perform cycling against more resistance. So, start performing cycling on your rooftop or in the backyard.


  • Swimming

Here is another safe exercise during crucial pregnancy period. There involves no risk of falling and injuring in swimming strokes. In fact, you can boost your and your baby’s health. For having a great range of motion, you do not need to put much pressure or stress on your joints and ankles. If you think you cannot perform swimming during pregnancy, you are wrong. Whether you are in your 3rd or 9th month, you can easily walk, swim or dance in the water. But, make sure that you choose a stroke that does not cause injuries and offers comfortability. Breastroke is an ideal swimming activity for women who are completely new to these exercises. If you still find difficulty, you can use the kickboard for strengthening your buttock and leg muscles.

  • Yoga

Traditional yoga is an excellent option for enhancing balance and flexibility. Almost all yoga poses help in stimulating blood circulation, building the muscle system and imparting relaxation. All these benefits help in maintaining blood pressure during pregnancy. I guess you are aware of the importance of blood pressure during pregnancy period. If you don’t want to join classes, you can perform yoga poses for applications. There are many applications available on the play store and Apple store for your Android and iPhones. If you are a beginner, you can start with easy yoga poses like Padmasana, tadasana, etc. So, start performing yoga and stay calm for the entire day. During your several trimesters, choose only the exercises that do not challenge your strength and cause injuries.

Perform Yoga


With some easy exercises, you can maintain your and your’s child health. Simply walking for 10-15 minutes strengthen bones, muscles and provide all body cardio-vascular activity. Cycling helps in enhancing the heart rate that further helps in blood circulation throughout the body. Swimming helps in building muscle strengthening and boosting stamina and endurance. Traditional yoga is a fabulous choice for controlling the blood pressure. Perform these exercises to stay fit and active during the pregnancy period. Good Luck.

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