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4 Best Fruits For Losing Weight Fast

by Tatiana Plesco

Even without high-intensity exercises, one can burn his/her belly fat. For this task, one needs to consume better nutrition and perform simple cardio exercises like running, swimming, bicycling, etc. Physicians and trainers suggest several fruits such as vegetables and whole grain foods for maintaining fitness. Well, they also ask for an effective diet plan that eliminates several processed foods and focuses on healthy, nutritious foods. OK, you are only looking for fruits that help in losing weight. So, below I have shared five best fruits that you must include in your workout plan:

  •  Apple

Here is one super fruit for avoiding several health diseases. Doctor suggest apples for keeping the heart healthy, boosting the immune system, avoiding diarrhea, constipation and even reducing the risks of cancers.Apples contain huge polyphenols, anti-oxidants, and neutralizers that help in digestion of food. One medium-size Apple contains less than 60 calories and no sodium and trans fat. So, you will get essential nutrients without unhealthy materials. In a statistics, it is proved that people who eat apples lose weight early than people who don’t consume it.If you have a workout schedule, you should consume apples daily. Make a habit of consuming apples at all times in between your daily meals. By doing this, you will never feel starve and also lose weight.


  • Guava

If you are looking for a fruit that has low glycemic index, guava is the best option for you. This fruit is particularly recommended to diabetic patients. Like various whole grain fruits, guava also contains very high fiber content. So, you are sure to avoid different weight problems. Due to very low sugar content, doctors suggest guava to patients with health problems. This is an ideal fruit for boosting metabolism and improving digestive function. You would be very happy to know guava contains no cholesterol. In fact, this fruit contains a few carbohydrates that get digested in very short periods.One medium-size guava contains about 689 milligrams of proteins, which is enough for building muscle mass and controlling fat. This fruit also helps in controlling sugar level adsorption. Make guava as one of your ideal fruits and consume it regularly, while keep performing your regular workouts.


  • Blueberries

 Out of various berries, blueberries are considered as most effective for acquiring health benefits. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you must consume blueberries before and after workouts. Whether you are on the low or high-fat diet, blueberries always help in losing weight. Blueberries contain anthocyanin, a popular antioxidant that helps in vanishing free radicals. The high vitamin C content helps in boosting the immune system. And last, vitamin E content helps in avoiding anti-aging problems. According to your preference, you can have a bowl of blueberries for breakfast, lunch or dinner. For maintaining health and fitness, you need to consume this fruit at least two times in a day. If you want more taste, you can consume with your dessert. The statement – blueberries are one of the best healthiest foods is enough for impressing different types of people.

  • Watermelon

 A popular health magazine revealed that watermelon contains only 15 grams calories per 50 g, which is pretty low than vegetables, whole grain foods and even fruits. The high water content certainly helps in digesting necessary nutrients that are required by the body. Yes, this fruit also contains various antioxidants that help in combating different health diseases. By consuming watermelon, you will not feel starved and thereby will not ask for more foods. This helps in maintaining of fat intake required by various types of people. Lycopene, a popular neutralizer is present in watermelon. Nevertheless, this fruit also contains iron, potassium, and calcium. All these compounds are known for regulating the immune system. According to your preference, you can enjoy watermelon with a smoothie or honey. Eat this fruit anytime and avail taste as well as taste. So, from when are you eating watermelon for keeping full and burning fat?


Because of huge polyphenols, fiber, and anti-oxidants, some fruits helps in avoiding free radicals and losing weight. Apples contain no extra calories, sodium, and trans fat. Guava contains very low sugar content and very high fiber content. Blueberries, one of the world’s healthiest fruits contain several vitamins and minerals. One 100 grams of watermelon adds only 30 grams of calories. So, start consuming these fruits for losing weight and spending a healthy life. Good Luck

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