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4 Best Vitamins For Hair Fall Control

by Tatiana Plesco
Vitamins For Hair Fall Control

There are many ways to reduce hair fall. One of the best methods that have been extremely effective in controlling and stopping hair fall is the ingestion of the right vitamins. Using drugs enclosed vitamin or just vitamins for hair fall is highly useful. The choice of the drug varies with the exact problem and can vary from person to person.

  • Vitamin A for Hair Fall Control

It controls the production of retinoic acid in the hair follicle. Vitamin A is not only helpful for skin care, but also helps in hair growth. It is an influential antioxidant that facilitates to restore hair. It plays a vital role in the development of oil or sebum in the scalp. The oil in scalp keeps the locks in a good condition. Sufficient amount of natural oil in the scalp keeps the locks hydrated and nurture the hair strand. Vitamin A is found in:

  1. Carrots
  2. Sweet potatoes
  3. Tuna
  4. Lettuce
  5. Mango
  6. Sweet red peppers
  • Vitamin B for Hair Fall Control

It helps in hair growth by curing stress. It is also recognized by the name of pantothenic acid. Vitamin B has a vital role in maintaining hair health. It arises in cell and takes part in the energy conversion. Thus, it ultimately helps to provide more vigor to the scalp cells. Vitamin A also helps to shrink oil glands in the case of extreme oil secretion in the scalp. Inositol and B12 are useful B vitamins for locks growth. It is found in:

Vitamin B for Hair Fall Control

  1. Eggs
  2. Poultry
  3. Meat
  4. Oranges
  5. Beans
  6. Papayas
  • Vitamin C for Hair Fall Control

It helps the body to take in iron from food that is essential for hair development. Overall, it has many health benefits. Besides increasing the immune system, it keeps the skin and locks in perfect state. Vitamin C mainly prevents the hair from graying thus protecting its natural color. It diminishes the danger of early hair loss. A lack of vitamin C gives rise to dry locks, brittle vulnerable to locks loss and though breakage. It is found in:

Vitamin C for Hair Fall Control

  1. Guavas
  2. Spinach
  3. Broccoli
  4. Yellow bell peppers
  5. Kiwi
  6. Sweet Limes
  7. Oranges
  8. Lemons
  9. Papaya
  • Vitamin D for Hair Fall Control

Vitamin D for locks fall helps the hair follicle and cells to form new locks streak. We all know that vitamin D is essential for bone health and calcium incorporation. Many of us don’t know that it also helps in hair development. Calcium, which is absorbed in the body with the help of vitamin D is essential for hair growth. In the lack of vitamin D, hair becomes brittle and dry. So, don’t shy away from revealing your skin and scalp to the sun. Get your quantity of vitamin D and witness healthy and shining hair forever. It found in:

  1. Fish
  2. Cod liver oil
  3. Oysters
  4. Salami
  5. Sausages
  6. Tofu
  7. Ham
  8. Eggs
  9. Soy milk

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