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4 Herbal Alternatives To Cosmetics

by Tatiana Plesco

Lip gloss, body ointment, shampoo… the list goes on! Most females use various cosmetic products each day to prep their epidermis. But are these chemically laden tubes best for our epidermis and hair in the long run? Nature has provided numerous products that have the ability to get better the condition of our epidermis and hair in a totally safe way, free of chemicals. Here are some natural alternatives to everyday makeups which will help you make the switch.

  • Coconut oil – Body ointment and anti-dandruff agent

With its composition of middle chain fatty acids, coconut oil is really effective at keeping epidermis healthy and free from dryness and wrinkles. Use it alone or in mixture with some other oil or herb, for your epidermis or also hair – coconut oil works equally good. Because of its ability to enter deep into the hair shaft and also the epidermis, this oil acts from deep within to make sure conditioning and moisturizing effects that last for long. Coconut oil is also a basis of antioxidants such as vitamin E and so, using it on a regular basis can also help prevent those wrinkles that seem on the skin with aging.

  • Henna – Hair dye


Hair dyes work their magic promptly and this is what makes it enticing to reach out for one when you required hiding your grays and looking your best. But most synthetic locks dye products contain compounds called secondary amines or tar derivatives that have been related to cancer. Switch over to a natural locks dye used since times centuries old – henna. Combine with sesame oil and curry vegetation, or mix with beetroot juice, or add into a combination of curd, lemon liquid, and tea – whatever the shade you wish, henna can help you get it and in the procedure, also keep your physique cool.

  • Turmeric and fruits – Rejuvenating expression pack

If you don’t have the time or inspiration to head to a loveliness parlor, the easiest method to get glowing epidermis on-the-go is to use a face pack. However, a commercial expression pack is quite likely to contain chemicals – E number at the very least – that may not be best for you in the long run. Instead, make use of simple elements in your kitchen to rejuvenate your epidermis and give it a soft shine. Mix in some turmeric gunpowder with a little card and use on your face. Or, mash ripe papaya fruitlet into a rough pulp and use – this will also help decrease the appearance of black spots on the epidermis.

  • Aloe Vera – Dry epidermis moisturizer

Moisturizing creams for dry skin commonly contain ingredients such as petrolatum that tend to be contaminated with damaging chemicals. Instead of taking the risk of these being engrossed into the body through the epidermis, opt for nature’s best epidermis moisturizers and softeners – aloe Vera. Simply make a cut on the plump leaves of Aloe Vera plant, collect the gel that oozes out and uses to your skin.

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