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5 Amazing Ways Mint Keeps You Healthy

Mint is more than just a garnish. Its awesome health benefits are bound to take you by amazing!

  • Health benefits of mint

Mint is an herb that is synonymous with freshness. Apply it for seasoning your salad, adding it to your cup of tea or grind it finely to cook ‘pudina ki chutney’, pudina can bring that extra zing and unique taste to almost anything you cook, making you dribble every single time. But apart from its dressing and seasoning value for many recipes you cook, you should also know the several health benefits it offers.[amazon_link asins=’B00GIS0JRW,B001VNGNSS,B006O0N0WA,B005DS9C94,B072WN1FV8,B078W91GZL,B016SIMYCY’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’beautyzoomi06-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’a9829f7d-a7fb-11e8-9d6f-0d6d3c189aaf’]

  • Boosts immunity:

Boosts immunity

Mint leaves are packed with foods such as calcium, phosphorous, vitamin C, D, E and small amounts of vitamin B complex. All these mixtures put together recovers the body’s immune system, keeping it safe from toxicities and inflammation.

  • Beats stress and depression:

Beats stress and depression

In aromatherapy, pudina extract is used to beat stress and rejuvenate the mind. Breathing in the fumes of pudina helps relax the body and calm the brain, freeing it from stress. It releases a small amount of serotonin in the mind that also helps beat depression. If you are feeling low, add a little pudina leaves or mint extract to your bath H2O, or use mint extract on a spray can get some relief.

  • Fights aches and pains:

Fights aches and pains

A number of ache balms use mint extracts as the main element in their products. That is because when pudina extract is used in an area that is hurting, it immediately provides a freshening effect, causing the area to partially become numb. This helps in lessening the ache. Another method is to inhale the fumes of pudina extract. This soothes the nerves and gives a calming feeling to the entire body. It indirectly soothes pains and aches as well as nausea associated with a headache.

  • Gives you glowing and acne free skin:

Gives you glowing and acne free skin

Pudina has a unique property that soothes and calms itchy and infected skin. It has potent anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial goods which work wonders on bad skin prone skin and is often used in a number of toners, cleansers and in some lip balms as well. The strong antioxidants present in pudina leaves the skin with a natural glow and rehydrate dull and dry epidermis. Mint has a high content of salicylic acid which helps prevent pimples, blemishes and even helps get rid of blackheads. The compounds present in mint helps in the faster shedding of the dull and dry epidermis which in turn helps avoid clogging of pores resulting in a pimple free epidermis.

  • Beats morning sickness in pregnant females:

Beats morning sickness in pregnant females

Due to the effects, it has on one’s digestive, it is a great remedy for expected moms. It helps relieve nausea related to morning bad health by activating the enzymes necessary for digestion. Eating a few leaves or smelling the crushed leaves of pudina every morning is a great method for mothers-to-be to overcome this difficult period. A warning though, moms should be careful not to have this after the child is born as it is known to affect lactation.

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