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5 Common Weight Loss Mistakes And Their Solutions

by Tatiana Plesco

Are you facing problems in losing your excess body weight? You must be making several mistakes in your fitness programs. Either you would be consuming in nutritious foods or would be performing wrong workouts or both. You can also be one of the beginners who use faulty exercise machines. Well, some people also performed worked when caught with back pains or other strains/sprains in their muscles. Certainly, they are not only beginners that make mistakes, but some experienced trainers also follow poor workout schedules. Remember, no one is perfect is this world. So, you need to look at your mistakes and follow certain strategies for reducing them. In this article, not only I have shared common weight loss mistakes but also remedies for minimizing them. Go through this article and learn the procedure for losing weight:

  • Skipping Breakfast

Are you starting your day with a healthy breakfast? If not, you are making a very common mistake and so becoming unsuccessful in losing weight. Breakfast is very important for remaining energetic and vibrant throughout the day. It is that breakfast that decides how your health would be there in the entire day. If you think you can control excess calories by not consuming the breakfast, you are wrong. In fact, through breakfast, you can get essential nutrients, boost your metabolism and avoid consumption of extra fats. And during workouts, breakfast is indeed very important for your health. So, you need to consume oats, eggs or whole-grain bread in your breakfast. These foods contain huge proteins, carbohydrates and other minerals that help in maintaining hunger and avoiding unnecessary calories. You need to know dieting does not mean you should skip the breakfast and start performing workouts throughout the day. So, do avoid this mistake for controlling your body weight.

Skipping Breakfast

  • Misconception About Cardio

Generally, there are two types of people that fail to lose their belly fat -1. Who focus too much on cardio and keep on performing only cardio exercises. 2. Who does not consider their cardio and do not perform cardio exercises at all. The second type of people performs high-intensity exercises such as squats, deadlifts, push-ups on the regular basis. No doubt, these exercises do provide health benefits, but they fail to burn the calories that are burnt by cardio exercises such as cycling, swimming, etc. Also, without strength training exercises, you cannot be successful in avoiding high fat and obesity. So, you need to perform both low-intensity cardio exercises like running and jogging and high-impact exercises such as push-ups or pull-ups. Well, you should perform high-intensity exercises three or 4 times in a week and perform running, cycling on several times throughout the week.

  • Lack of Sleep

Do you know even if you eat healthy foods such as green vegetables, meat, etc. and perform decent exercises like running, reverse dips, etc. regularly, you can still find a difficulty in losing weight. This is because you do not get your necessary sleep. Sleep is important for making your body and muscles feel relaxed. If the muscles don’t get relaxation, then they can’t provide the best type of performance in the future. (1) According to an American health magazine, people sleep for 8 hours burned 25% more fat than people who sleep for 4-5 hours. However, both types of people eat same calories (1450 calories every day). By sleeping, you can keep yourself away from several foods. You can avoid late night snacks such as grilled cheese and peanut butter that contain vast calories and unsaturated fats.

  1. You need to sleep for 8 hours in a day and continue to follow your workout schedule for preventing extra weight.
  2. You should perform light-weight physical activities before lying on the bed as it can help you in providing better sleep.
  • Faulty Exercise Machines

Most of the beginners make this fat-loss mistake. Without asking professionals, they purchase exercise machines and go on performing exercises. As a result, they fail to burn adequate calories. If you are a beginner, you must be making this mistake for sure. Well, you could be using an exercise machine whose handlebars, or other tools are not arranged properly. Or you could also be using exercise machines without putting sufficient resistance or weights that help in burning huge calories in shorter periods. So, you need to make use of right exercise machines. If you don’t have the knowledge, you can ask from professionals. In fact, you should hire a professional as he or she will not help you in selecting right exercise machines but will also provide you various tips for performing exercises. You should select the exercise machines that come with LCD displays (provide information of calorie count, stroke count and other workout related things. Select a machine that can help you in calculating how many calories you have burnt and how many you need to burn for losing weight

  1. By performing running at 96 km/h on the treadmill for 15-20 minutes, you can burn about 230 calories
  2. If you perform exercise on the elliptical for 25-30 minutes, you can burn about 320 calories.
  3. With 1-hour continuous activity on exercise bikes, you can burn 400-600 calories.

According to your preference, choose any exercise machines

  • Improper Diet Plan and Poor Workout Schedule

You cannot acquire success from your health program if it does not include a proper diet plan and effective work-out schedule. You cannot lose your weight if you keep on consuming processed foods that contain sweeteners, artificial flavors, and other additives. Fast foods such as sandwiches, hot dogs only offer taste and no nutrients. So, you need to give up these foods. And include vegetables, meats, fruits and whole grain foods in your diet plan. These foods offer several carbs, proteins, vitamins and other nutrients that help in boosting metabolism and setting hunger. And about workouts, you should perform cardio exercises as well as strength training exercises. You need to work your cardio, abdominals, and core for burning essential calories and losing weight. But, you need to make sure that as long as you don’t follow your diet plan and workout schedule, you cannot acquire your goal of losing weight. Therefore, you need to be very sincere towards your diet and exercises. For avoiding boredom, you should include variety in your foods and exercise.

       Wrapping Up

If you want to lose your excess weight, you need to avoid various fat loss mistakes. First, you should never avoid your first meal of the day i.e. breakfast that offers a vast amount of energy for performing different activities throughout the day. Second, you should do squats (high impact exercise) and be running (low impact exercise) throughout the week. Third, you need to perform low-intensity physical activities after dinner for getting the required 8 hours sleep. Fourth, you should make use of right exercise machines such as elliptical, treadmills, etc. for burning vast calories in short periods. Last, you need to strict towards your diet plan and workout schedules that include healthy foods and better exercises. So, reduce these common mistakes for losing your belly fat.

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