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5 Entertainment Ideas For Cool Events

by Tatiana Plesco
Entertainment ideas

Everyone wants their event or gathering to be memorable, and using unique entertainment ideas is simply the best method for folks to remember your event. The more exclusive, the more lasting the impress. So in continuing the custom of our Events Entertainment Blog, here are 5 more cool and different methods to wow your guests:

Hire a 60-second writer. He will ask the attendees some queries about themselves Book the 60-second novelist. He comes with his own bench and a manual typewriter and asks guests a few queries to get a sense of who they are, and he writes out a short life story in 1 minute. He even binds it so visitors can take it home. The story is funny, original and true. This is a fun method to get folks to open up and share their tiers and get to know each other.

Our favorite plan is dueling pianos. This exciting and exclusive form of interactive music and humor involves two crazy entertainers, everyone wielding a grand piano, top get-together hits from the past 40 years, witticisms, toasts, and audience strong interaction. Each piano player stabs to outdo the other in this disgraceful fiesta of music and comedy. This is particularly good for corporate events where you want everybody to let their hair down and just have amusing. or with wives who want to steer clear of the characteristic bands or DJs and are want something more unforgettable.

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Hire a miniature imitator. Political precision aside, it’s pretty cute to see a 4 foot Elvis Presley in full symbols of office strutting around your event. It’s sure to make your visitors smile.

If you have a flair for the melodramatic, bring in a fire performer. This combines dance, drama, and drives into a theatrical performance that is hypnotic and memorable. Of course, you better check with the fire marshal to see what is compulsory in terms of care!

Another dramatic selection would be a Chinese-themed event, replete with gymnasts and balancing performers, a folk ballet dancer in costume, martial arts protests, and a parade with a paper dragon. If you can’t have your gathering in an exotic locale, bring the unusual locale to your party!

Barbershop foursomes are every time hit with their tight harmonies and old-time costumes. Some of these vocal clusters will write a song for your group or corporation if you give them background earlier. Imagine listening to these lovely voices singing about Uncle Charlie’s fluctuation problem in glorious four-part harmony.

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