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5 Good Mood Sports For The Perfect Body

by Tatiana Plesco
Sports For The Perfect Body

Do you have no desire or time to regularly go to the gym? Fixed training times you can hardly meet? Needs to lose weight with fun? No problem – we present five good mood sports, kill the calories, low in cost and at any time and practically apply everywhere.

  • Skipping

In the schoolyard jumping rope was fun and even today is worth reaching for Jump Rope: The small sports equipment fits in your pocket and accompanies you everywhere. A little space enough to train. When skipping your circulation going and it neatly, in particulars the arm, shoulder and leg muscles and endurance and coordination training. You might want to jump in between once backward or sideways trying to steps.

You will need A jump rope; Available in the sports shop.[amazon_link asins=’B01F4Z34MQ,B00SAY9LLC,B00LGXE5NS,B00VOCG44O,B01KZ1ASFA,B013AI586Y,B01KO8S2X4,B00R6SSHL8′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’beautyzoomi06-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’a5125464-3204-11e8-bf71-d39c8eb72fab’]

  • Hula Hoop

Hula Hoop trained especially the middle of the body: abdomen, buttocks, waist and hip area benefit from the circular motion and muscle tension. Also promotes a regular exercise endurance, flexibility, and coordination. Tip: The best way to train your (fast) favorite music. The clock helps evenly perform the movements and circle his tires longer. The plastic tires of childhood have been further developed into a real fitness machine. Today stable versions are available with additional functionality (eg weights).

You will need: a hula hoop; Available in the sports shop

Feel-Plus: Pick your character and memories of carefree times – Hula Hoop is so much fun that you almost forget to complete just one fitness training![amazon_link asins=’B0786YRZPQ,B00VEIB1J6,B01MUG97H4,B00CQ2268O,B075G886QZ,B004PBYYWK,B00TXRQP3C,B0757KXMG8′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’beautyzoomi06-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’bb703183-3204-11e8-a8d9-4f02d4ac1dec’]

  • Home trampoline

Jumping on the trampoline – this is not difficult and, moreover, particularly effective: On the trampoline, all muscles are challenged and built by the constant interplay of tension and relaxation. The result is an optimal training of the cardiovascular system. In addition, the jumps train the sense of balance and promote strength and stamina. It is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. The trampoline will fit into any living room or backyard.

Home trampoline

You will need a home trampoline/rebounder; from 50 $.

Feel-Plus: Bouncing is fun! A light-hearted fun in the truest sense of the word, which distracts you from annoying everyday thoughts.[amazon_link asins=’B01ICPFRDO,B0042H4QYS,B072BCDRP8,B005CAIY92,B0718VS2TM,B01N8W1WI4,B076CWZ9XM’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’beautyzoomi06-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’d50d0c42-3204-11e8-badc-dbe30ec0a7ae’]

  • Climb stairs

“The escalator is my enemy!” – This could be your new motto. Who takes momentum with each step, instead of being lazy move the elevator or escalator, remains quite incidentally fit in everyday life. In order to expand the training, staircases offer a free health club in its own staircase or on public highways. Depending on the number of stages (the more the better) walk briskly up and take advantage of the descent to short breather. Then it goes back upstairs. By the way: Many cities now organize regular stair climbing competitions, for example, in high-rise buildings, which you can sign up individually or in a team.

Climb stairs

  • Jog

The absolute classic. Jogging promotes stamina, helps you lose weight and build muscle, and can be applied practically everywhere, in business, after work or even during the lunch break. Who is running out, strengthens the immune system, Beginners start with a change of running (about 3 minutes) and brisk walking (about 4 minutes) and gradually increase the length of the units and jogging? Motivational Tip: Use a training partner it runs even easier.

You will need: a good pair of running shoes adapted to a season (Function)and sports clothes.[amazon_link asins=’B01H67XCM2,B0147SKAAA,B01GADULSQ,B018427JUY,B076LZP34G,B00S9H7EGO,B0756CK5MW,B0725J3FFC’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’beautyzoomi06-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’68b9ea56-3205-11e8-85e3-073091e273f0′]

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