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5 Grooming Mistakes Most Men Make

by Tatiana Plesco
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Male grooming is something that is becoming a more prominent topic as modern men are increasing in the opinion that if you look good, you feel good. However, we are often still a little uneducated on certain things, resulting in men still making some basic mistakes when it comes to grooming. So what are some of the basic grooming mistakes most men make?

#1 – Too much cologne/deodorant

I still make this mistake all too often! More is better right? You want to make sure you smell great and that people notice how great you feel. Especially if you shelled out extra money to buy the good stuff! But, when you over-do putting on cologne or deodorant, it is very off-putting to people, as you are probably making them feel light-headed from all the fumes you are emanating!

Too much cologne

There are a few things you should keep in mind when putting on cologne or deodorant. The first thing I recommend is to invest in some quality products. The cheap stuff does not last very long and is often not good for your skin. Secondly, only put on a little bit in the right places (if you buy quality stuff, you just need to use a little bit anyway). When putting on cologne, spritz a little bit on your wrists and behind your ears. That way you won’t overwhelm people with the smell of the cologne, but rather give off a hint of the pleasant aromas. Here the saying “less is more” should be taken to heart.

#2 – Not looking for your skin

A lot of guys firmly believe that skin moisturizers and facial cleansers are the exclusive domain of women. The old-school thought is that real men never use moisturizer or face wash. On top of that, when we are in the sun, seldom do we bother to put sunscreen on!

With modern life, our skin is exposed to a lot more than previous generations used to be. Soaps dry out your skin, pollution clogs your pores, and the sun is getting harsher and harsher on our skin (according to cancer.org, each year there are more new cases of skin cancer than the combined incidence of diseases of the breast, prostate, lung, and colon).

So as modern men, we need to start being more proactive in how we look after our skin. Start a regular grooming routine where you use a good face wash, put on some moisturizer, and, importantly, use sunscreen when you are out in the sun. One day when you are older, and people can’t believe how young you look for your age, you will thank your younger self for the investment made in your skin.

#3 – Keeping an untidy beard

Often I love just to let my beard grow out a bit and go for the caveman look. However, sometimes, as men, we get a bit lazy and let it go a bit too far. Then we end up looking like Grizzly Adams. We then convince ourselves that it is a sexy look. It is not. Few guys can pull off an excellent looking bushy beard.

If you do decide to grow a beard, do it properly. Figure out what style beard you should have to go with your facial shape (check out this infographic from LifeHacker for a beard style to face shape guide). Keep your beard tidy with a beard brush, keep it clean with a good shampoo, and keep it maintained with good beard oil. But importantly, be honest with yourself – not all of us can grow a proper beard. If you know you can’t build a proper beard, then let it go and keep rocking the clean-shaven look!

#4 – Long and dirty nails

You may not know it, but the first thing a lot of women look at when meeting someone is the person’s nails. If they can see your toes, your toenails get a good look at also. Why? They believe your nails say a lot about you. You can be Brad Pitt’s body double, but if you have long and dirty fingernails, women will probably not give you much notice. Not only that, but dirty nails are also a hygiene issue.

So always keep an eagle-eye on not only your hand nails but also your toenails! Keep then well clipped and clean at all times!

#5 – Using a razor blade for too long

Another one that I am guilty of regularly. Usually, when my razor is getting too dull, I tell myself that I will shave one more shave with it and get a new knife the next day…but then of course I forget and end up cutting with the dull blade a bunch of times more.

When you use a dulled blade, it means your hair is not cut evenly, and it wreaks havoc on your skin when the hairs start getting ripped out of the follicles. This result is irritated skin that feels bad and looks terrible! Modern razors often have an indicator strip that lets you know when it is time to change it out for a new blade. So stop procrastinating and put that new blade on!

Wrapping up

Grooming is something that the modern man should regularly be doing. The days of scruffy beards, leathery skin, and long/dirty nails are over. As men, we should realize that it is ok to look after yourself more. You do not have to get your chest waxed or anything, but just at least do the essential grooming well. Not only will you look better, but you will also feel better too!

This article was provided by Andries, from manomics.com. Man comics is a men’s lifestyle blog that focuses on men’s grooming, fitness, and health.

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