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5 Health Benefits Of Sleep (And An Extra Motivation)

by Tatiana Plesco

Sleep is one of every person’s physiological needs. Its importance goes beyond getting rid of eye bags and having the energy for the next day. Getting good quality sleep is also essential for a better-quality life, protecting your mental and physical health, and keeping yourself safe.

Your sleep pattern also creates a cycle for you. Insufficient sleep can easily create an unhealthy cycle for you that can be hard to break. You see, when you lack sleep, your productivity during the day is not as good as usual. It affects your quality of work, and when you aren’t completing tasks, it might add to your stress. Then the pressure could make it difficult to get quality sleep. That’s just one of the reasons why it’s good to create a healthy sleep routine.

Here Are Some Health Benefits of Sleep:

  • Promotes Mental Health, Social, and Emotional Function

Have you ever heard of people associating grumpiness with the lack of sleep? Well, there’s a lot of truth in it. Getting enough sleep won’t guarantee a happy disposition, especially if it’s not the person’s personality. However, you have probably noticed how some people are crankier because they are exhausted. You can easily turn exhaustion around with a good night’s sleep.

With enough sleep, you will also be able to retain new information better. You are more alert, more aware of your surroundings, and can focus better on certain things.You will also be able to retain new information better.

Adequate amounts of sleep make you more alert, more aware of your surroundings, and more rational. You will also be able to focus more, make wiser decisions, solve problems quicker and have more control of your emotions and behaviors. Next time you have a project but have no creative juice come out, you should try sleeping. You’ll find that you’ll have more energy to think, more motivation and more creativity after some rest.

  • Supports growth and development.

Sleep supports healthy growth and development, especially for growing children. It also affects the release of certain hormones that boost muscle mass, aid in cell repair and even to make your skin look nice and healthy. When you are feeling ill, adequate sleep can help in the healing process. This works by giving your body a break and some time to recuperate.

  • It lowers the risk of certain diseases.

Sleep is essential for healthy organ and system functions. For instance, it affects how your body responds to insulin, which is necessary for controlling blood glucose levels. That’s why insufficiency in sleep increases the risk of diabetes. It also increases the risk of many other diseases such as heart disease and kidney disease.

  • Supports and strengthens immunity

There are a lot of studies that have discovered links between sleep and immunity. Sleep loss or sleep deprivation seems to have a negative effect on our immune system, the system that protects us from colds, flu, and other illnesses. Therefore, people with adequate amounts of sleep have lower risks of getting sick.

  • Weight Control

Having a healthy pattern of sleep could help you control or maintain your weight. Are you wondering how? Well, partly because of how it affects your energy levels. If you are sleep deprived, you are more likely to avoid physical activity such as exercise. You will also be too tired to cook up a healthy meal and end up with something unhealthy.

Another way sleep helps with weight control is by releasing hormones. Leptin is a hormone that contributes to making you feel full. When you lack sleep, leptin levels drop so you will feel hungry.

  • Improves daytime performance and increases safety

Daytime performance and safety aren’t health benefits but they are still very important benefits. You can say that they are lifestyle benefits. As we said earlier, sleep affects our mental abilities. It will make you more alert, thus allowing you to take care of yourself and helps you make better decisions. Sufficient sleep allows you to perform better the next day.

As for safety, it reduces your chances of falling asleep while driving. Sleep deprivation is a common cause of vehicular accidents in America. Other than driving, it keeps you safe in other activities that require mental alertness.

  • How to get healthy levels of sleep

Now that you know the benefits of sleep, how can you get healthy levels of it? There are loads of ways to achieve sufficient sleep, but it will also take some effort and even investment.

Here are some tips to get healthy levels of sleep:

  1. Follow a sleep schedule. As much as possible, be consistent with your bedtime and wake up time. Your body will eventually adjust to this schedule, thus preventing insomnia and other difficulties of going to bed.
  2. Try to make your environment as conducive to sleep as possible; dim lights, cool temperature, and noise free.
  3. Choose a mattress and pillow that is comfortable and supportive for you. This is a matter of preference but consider getting one that supports a natural spine alignment. Your pillow should also be supportive and allow a natural alignment of the head, neck, and spine.

There are so many pillows and mattresses to choose from. Air mattress, memory foam, latex foam, waterbed, etc. Make sure you read about it before you buy. Consider a mattress that offers a trial so you can test it out.

  • Avoid heavy meals at least 3 hours before bedtime. You should also not take in caffeine at least 8 hours before bedtime. This can make going to bed difficult and can ruin your sleep cycle. Just one night of interruption in sleep can already create such a big impact on your regular routine.


Sleep is an essential part of life, just like eating and drinking. Much like almost everything else in life, moderation and balance is key to good health. We need to have a good balance between sleep and wake activities.

Lack of sleep can cause increase the risk of certain diseases such as diabetes. On the other hand, healthy patterns of sleep have great benefits. It improves mental, physical, emotional, and social health. Sufficient sleep also helps us to function better during the day and increases our safety level.

Do you have any questions about sleep and its benefits? Are there any tips you’d like to share about getting sleep? Comment them below.

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