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5 Inspirational Stories from the World of STEM in 2022

by Tatiana Plesco
5 Inspirational Stories from the World of STEM in 2022

STEM is an incredibly complex and diverse area of study – one that has the potential to produce ground-breaking innovations, inventions, and achievements. This year alone, scientists and engineers have been responsible for some incredible breakthroughs in areas like artificial intelligence, renewable energy, and healthcare. As we look ahead to the future, it’s clear that the STEM fields will continue to be at the forefront of progress across many different industries.

To celebrate the amazing accomplishments of those working in STEM, we’ve put together a list of five inspiring stories from the past year.

New Drug For Type 2 Diabetes

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved Mounjaro injection in May 2022. The

injection, also called Tirzepatide, is designed to improve blood sugar control of those with type 2 diabetes. Patients will need to continue to exercise and adhere to a healthy diet while taking the new drug.

Clinical trial results have indicated that Tirzepatide could very well be a significant invention in the fight against type 2 diabetes.

Artificial Intelligence for Early Sepsis Detection

Artificial Intelligence based clinical decision support tools have the potential to revolutionize the healthcare industry. Such tools could be used to provide better care for patients. Machine learning has now been used by researchers to identify patients with genes that are more prone to developing severe sepsis. This great finding can have a major impact on the treatment of this life-threatening condition.
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COVID-19 Breathalyzer Test

Detecting the COVID-19 virus straight away would be a hugely important development in the fight to contain the disease. Opteev, a medical company based in Baltimore, has developed the VirWarn Freedom. This is a COVID-19 breathalyzer in as little as 5 seconds. This portable device could make day-to-day life during the ongoing pandemic much easier for infected and non-infected individuals, as well as medical professionals. Read the news story here.

Galaxy II Slider Self-Retaining Retractor

Surgical retractors are used to keep a wound open while the surgeon performs surgery. The self-retaining retractors function by themselves, without having to be held by an additional assistant. A common issue with retractors is that they can be difficult to place and fit. To solve this problem, the Swedish Inventor Angela Spang has developed the Galaxy II Slider, a new type of medical retractor that is more flexible in fitting patients with a variety of body types, making this surgical equipment more inclusive.
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The use of this retractor brings many other benefits, especially regarding safety and post-surgery recovery.

Digital Twins

A digital twin is another new invention. It is a visual model that uses simulation and Artificial Intelligence to make decisions. This invention can be used to optimise product design, operations, and resources. The digital twin can visually represent a person, an animal, a plant, environments, and more. So far, digital twins can be used in the medical industry, as well as logistics, defense, and more. It requires data to operate and then works based on machine learning.

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