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5 Kitchen Herbs That Could Treat Cancer

by Tatiana Plesco
Kitchen Herbs

Everyone wants to know the secret to stopping cancer or fighting it, but did you know about these five kitchen herbs that could treat cancer?

The following aromatic plant can be found in several kitchens the world over, yet they have extra properties that make them great for treating or averting cancer. This is inspiring when you consider you use these in a lot of recipes, and you could be helping yourself resist cancer before it can begin in your body.

  • Ginger

gingerGinger comprises antioxidants and also has anti-inflammatory goods, which both contribute to the stoppage of cancer or the fight against it. Using clear-cut ginger means you get gingerol. However, even dried ginger has advantages in the form of zingerone.

  • Garlic

Not only can garlic slay cancer cells, but it also increases metabolism and helps with high cholesterol. It also has the added advantage of adding flavor to the dishes you use it in.

  • Cayenne Pepper

Capsaicin is in Cayenne Pepper, and it has been sure to help fight cancer cells. It also prevents the growth of current cells, particularly in the case of prostate cancer.

  • Turmeric


Typically bring into being in a kitchen rather than one in North America, this spice comprises curcumin, which fights all kinds of cancer. It also targets the cancer cells particularly and leaves typical cells to function as they are. Fascinatingly, turmeric also reasons the yellow color in curry.

  • Oregano

Oregano resists prostate cancer by restricting the growth of those malignant cells, thanks a lot to a chemical called Quercetin. This is in addition to being home to many anti-microbial substances.

These herbs can go a long method of resisting cancer that is proven in your system. Even for those who do not have a cancer diagnosis, it may justify taking the initiative to add these spices to your food with all the carcinogens present in today’s nutrients and an environment.

Updated: 6 July 2020

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