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5 Secrets for Eyelash Care Shared by Real Professionals

by Tatiana Plesco
Eyelash Care

Eyelash extensions have gained popularity as they give a natural-looking boost to physical appearance and are often associated with saving time to apply mascara in the morning. Women who have experience with eyelash extensions will be familiar with the feeling of waking up looking gorgeous and fabulous without even putting mascara on. Getting eyelash extensions will certainly make you feel wonderful but they do require special care and regular touchups to ensure they continue looking rich as time passes.

Eyelash Extensions –The Procedure

Making your eyelashes look amazing can be done through mascara make-up or by applying strip false lashes. Both options have their minuses as they are time-consuming, especially for ladies who have little experience. Having professional eyelash extensions is a separate process, which involves the application of synthetic or natural hair fibers to the base of each eyelash using surgical glue.

The magical result of stunning and full eyelashes comes from the fact that each eyelash is glued to your own separately, one by one. You can choose how long, thick, or black your eyelashes look. The extensions can last for months as long as regular appointments are done with the professional who applied the eyelashes for fillings or touchups to ensure the richness remains but their durability will also depend on your personal speed of eyelash growth and maintenance.

Taking Care of Eyelash Extensions – The Secrets

We contacted an eyelash extension salon in Chicago with the request to shed some light on the best ways to look after eyelash extensions, from a professional point of view. Here is the professional advice we received from Chicago Lashes that will help you take perfect care of your eyelash extension and make them stay beautiful for longer!

1.      Using Lash Serum

Your chosen professional may have not told you but there is a lash serum that you can apply to the hairs surrounding your eyes to help stimulate the growth and stability of your natural eyelashes beneath the extensions. This way you can keep your natural eyelashes healthy and strong while toning them up with extensions to get the maximum effect of thickness and length.

use Lash Serum

Tip: Find the perfect serum for you and apply daily to get maximum results.

Tip: Try using the serum during night time and apply it before going to bed, ensuring that it remains on the eyelashes during your sleeping hours.

2.      Applying to Makeup to Eyelash Extensions

Pay special attention to the way you apply make-up to eyelash extensions. It is advisable to avoid applying mascara to the extensions as it may damage them or cause them to separate from your natural eyelashes. If, however, you decide to make your eyelashes look even more attractive or changing their color with blue or purple mascara for an event, make sure it is applied only to the tip of the extension.

Eyelash Extensions

Tip: Stay away from products for curling such as lash curlers. They may damage the eyelashes and cause them to fall out faster.

Tip: When removing the make-up, select an oil-free remover and apply gently. Avoid rubbing.

3.      The 4 Hour “No Water “Rule

Right after the procedure of eyelash extensions, make sure that the eyelash extensions are not put in contact with water, steam, or spray for at least four hours. Allowing these substances to touch the lashes is likely to damage the glue, causing separation.

Tip: When the four hours have passed, you can return to normal face washing, spray tanning, or sauna visits. However, it is advisable to dry the eyelashes carefully, by patting them with a towel with no rubbing movements or using a hairdryer to help them dry faster.

4.      No Eyelash Picking!

We know from experience that this may be the hardest tip to follow. With the aging of the eyelash extensions, it is likely that separate eyelashes will begin falling or slowly separating from the rest of the lashes. In some cases, there may be a feeling that an eyelash has started to separate but it may in fact only be tangled in another.

No Eyelash Picking

Tip: Try to avoid picking the eyelash extensions and removing certain hairs. Pulling out a hair can cause a threat to the remainder of the lashes or even hurt your natural hair. Use an eyelash brush to help the hair fall back in its natural place or visit a professional.

5.      Regular Combing

Just like your hair, eyelash extensions require regular attention, more specifically –combing. It is advisable to use a brush similar to the ones in eyelash mascaras but without the actual mascara. Gently brush the eyelash extensions to prevent tangling or crisscrossing, which may create pain or discomfort.

Tip: You can use a spoolie wand to comb your eyelash extensions every morning to make them look neat and beautiful.

When making the decision to have eyelash extensions done, it is advisable to carefully research experienced professionals, read customers reviews, and ask for the price of the initial application and the touchup appointments. The procedure is not the most inexpensive beauty ones and will require a bit of money planning in order to avoid creating a hole in your pocket.

Eyelash extensions can make life easier and more fabulous but do require specific care to make them last longer and avoid daily appointments with a professional. Following the above suggestions will increase the lifetime of your eyelash extensions and guarantee a brilliant look that lasts!

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