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5 Secrets On How Lavender Can Keep You From Colds And Flu This Winter

by Tatiana Plesco
Lavender for flu

There is no doubt that Lavender is of the most romantic and cherished scents all over the world. It’s a pleasant and refreshing scent uplifts moods and brings back pleasant memories and relaxes your mind. It is also a potent natural medicine that has numerous benefits like calming your mind, treating insect bites, burns, menstrual cramps, shingles, infections, scabies, and many more problems.

Here are 5 secret health tips and ways of using lavender to protect you from cold and flu during the winter season.

As a Hand sanitizer:

Mix a tablespoon of aloe vera gel with 10 drops of lavender oil and 3 tablespoons of grain alcohol. Store it in a leak-proof plastic bottle and use it as an effective and protective hand sanitizer.

Lavender oil

Lavender oil

As an air sanitizer:

Sanitizing air will prevent the transmission of germs. Pour several drops of essential lavender oil to a pot of simmering water or to a nebulizer. Let it stay for half an hour so that it gets dispersed well. This way, the air gets sanitized and also provides an immunity boost to everyone in the room.

Complete protection:

Add a few drops of lavender oil to half a cup of Epsom salt. Add this mixture to your bathing water, to relieve aching muscles and to get rid of stress. This refreshing bath will also help your body even if you take the steam or directly apply the mix to your skin.

As an antiseptic soap:

Add approximately 20 drops of lavender oil along with 8 ounces of neutral liquid soap solution or Castile, to an empty liquid soap dispenser. Shake well before using it for washing your hands.

As a disinfecting spray:

Mix 2 cups of water and 40 drops of lavender essential oil and pour it into a spray bottle. Mix it well before each use. Use it for disinfecting by spraying on toilet seats, tabletops telephones, door handles, and bathroom countertops.

Lavender spray


Latest health news:

This suggests that these simple and easy ways to use lavender oil will keep you away from infections like cold and flu during the winter season.

Updated on 08-09-2020

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