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5 Steps to the Perfect Fishtail Braid

by Tatiana Plesco
5 Steps to the Perfect Fishtail Braid

Want a fishtail braid and don’t know how to make it. So, are you interested in learning a Fishtail Braid?
Many girls like the idea of getting a fishtail braid. However, the intricacies involved in the braiding process can be daunting. But, is it really that difficult? The answer is no. Making a braid is quite easy, if you know what you’re doing. All you need is a rubber band, a comb, and your hands.
Whether at a fashion show or at a movie awards, this fishtail braid has such an incredible history. The fishtail braid (also famous as fishbone, or herringbone) has incredible panache. Though it looks deceivingly intricate, but actually, it is very easy to make. We talked to many stylists regarding some useful tips on how to make a fabulous fishtail successfully. Below, we have given the steps to make an amazing fishtail braid.

Before anything else: Don’t get scared. It is not as difficult as it seems.
The fishtail braid is very simple to make. It is time-consuming, but the result is worth it. Anyone can create this hairstyle, once they learn the exact technique of how to make it, says an expert.

  • The Most Important Factor in Making a Fishtail Braid is Placement

You do not need to start a Fishtail Braid from the top of the head, like a French Braid. The best position to start a fishtail braid is the center of your head or the area just above the neck. For a more trendy and modern look, you can also try it on the off side.

  • Not the Cleanest Hair for the Fishtail:

The fishtail can be easily done on the hair that is washed one or two days prior, as they are easy to handle.

  • Hair Texture

Most people use one or the other products before hair styling. There are various products available in the market these days. Depending on your hair texture and the look you want, you can choose from these flat iron products. For example, you can use smoothening products for the polished style and texturizing spray for the fuzzy and matte look.
The details we are providing you are simple to comprehend. We are giving you five easy instructions on how to do it step-by-step.
Let us start. Take out your comb, keep elastic ready and bring out the stylish within you. Go on to see every step of the making of a Fishtail Braid.

  • Making A Fishtail Braid, Step 1: Start with a Ponytail

Collect your hair near the nape of the neck and create a ponytail. Tie it with the help of an elastic band that can easily be removed with the help of scissors.

  • Making A Fishtail Braid, Step 2: Hold the Ponytail and Divide it into Two

The next step takes two even sections of the ponytail. Ensure that you do not leave any hair other than these two sections. The classic fishtail needs two sections of hair, unlike any other plait.

  • Making a Fishtail Braid, Step 3: Interweaving

From the first section of the hair, take out the outer layer of the hair with the help of your fingers and overlap it on the same hair section and then add it to the opposite section of hair (similar to a regular plait). Grip your new strand of hair tightly with the opposite section, keeping both the sections in place. Now, repeat the same process with the opposite section.

  • Making a Fishtail Braid, Step 4: Sustain Uniformity

Keep on overlapping the hair strands from one section and adding them to the opposite section one by one. Repeat the process moving towards the end of the hair. Try and grab the same amount of hair from underneath the section and overlap it properly so that the uniformity is maintained.

  • Making a Fishtail Braid, Step 5: The Final Look

After, you have finished weaving till the place you want, secure the braid with the help of an elastic. Then, carefully remove the elastic used initially to make the ponytail, with the help of scissors. Complete the look by loosening the strands of hair on both sides to give it a rich and vivid look.

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Linda is a professional hairstylist based in San Jose, California. She has worked in the fashion industry for several years and has had the privilege of styling some of Hollywood’s top stars as well as working with the best names in fashion. Besides her hectic hair care commitments, Linda is a passionate writer who loves to share her knowledge on the latest hair products, styling tips and more. Check out checkcorner.com for more information on her latest work.


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