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5 Timeless Makeup Tricks Every Woman Should Master

by Tatiana Plesco

Makeup specialists practice a few tricks to create the flawless look on their subjects. Here is an essential checklist of such tips and tricks that every woman should know.

  • Face-framing:

This is a key trick to enhance your beauty and to accentuate your best features. Well, manicured eyebrows can do wonders to lift your face and can instantly remove the tired look. If your eyebrows are sparse in some areas or slightly uneven, then cover it up using an eyebrow pencil or powder. Start from 1/3rd of the portion from your inner brow and continue filling it gently and ease it out as you proceed towards the tapering region, a little beyond the arch. If you want to create a better defined and groomed brow, then add small amounts of color to improve the shape and to create a natural fill. Use a color that is a bit lighter than the natural color of your brows, to achieve the perfectly filled effect. You can even apply clear mascara, aimed at sealing the eyebrow shape and to give a defined look.

  • Brush your eyelashes:

Pick your favorite brand of mascara and make sure that it gives you a clump-free look. There are several top-tier brands and technologically advanced formulations of mascaras currently available in the market, but even they can be better perfected by taking some extra care. Use a clean mascara wand to comb through your eyelashes, before the mascara dries. This helps to de-clump it and make lashes luscious.

  • Primer usage:

With the introduction of BB creams and CC creams, priming is an easy task. You can get all the benefits of protection, moisturization, defense, correction and coverage from a single beauty product. But it is important to use a primer before applying makeup, since it enables seamless application, reduces pores and eliminates makeup settling on creases.

  • Define your lips:

When you apply natural lip balm or lipstick, define the mouth corners with a matching shade of concealer. This way, you won’t have any redness at the corners and it also prevents color seepage and diffusion.

Overlarge Lips

  • Coral color to compliment:

Coral is a warm and happy shade that compliments any complexion and brightens the skin. It is ideal for both the natural as well as glamorous makeups. Choose a coral blush, lip gloss, lipstick or nail color and get the flawless look.

Updated on 10-08-2020

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