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5 Ways To Encourage Your Children To Eat Healthy

by Tatiana Plesco
Eat Healthy
Did you ever try to feed your baby with something healthy and nutritious, and he is protesting with ‘ yak ‘, ‘ ieeee ‘ or ‘ I hate it ‘?
If this scenario sounds familiar, you know that you’re not alone! Many parents are trying to develop their children’s habit of eating small healthy still and discovers that this is not only possible but also full of satisfaction!

Here are some tips in this regard:

1. The Secret Life of Vegetables

Undercover – this method is one of the most simple ways you can make a child eat healthily. Preparation of snacks that look good and taste good, but contain some healthy is effective and fun at the same time!
child eat healthily
Here are some examples of recipes that you can find on the net and try at home. 

Chocolate Cake with Beets-Beetroot in a Cake?

Well, not only gives a good taste but turn a dry cake without gluten in one creamy and soft, besides the nutritional benefits of beet and cocoa powder.

Breaded Zucchini

From the best way to hide vegetables and greens in a nutrient dense snack and high in protein.
Most kids love these treats and the best thing to them is that you can do more at once, then they freeze and heat them whenever you need a quick snack!
[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EgYwFvsKZc8″]

Smoothie with Berries

One of the best ways to hide the foliage is to embed them into a sweet smoothie, fruit-rich! In order not to encounter resistance due to the change of color, you can add in the beginning very few leaves, gradually increasing their amount.
Smoothie with Berries

2. The Entourage

Studies have shown that entourage can be an important factor of influence in young children. When a child who is not if vegetables surrounded constantly by children who love vegetables, which initially showed a negative affiliation with that group of foods proved more willing to change their food preferences along time, to mimic the behavior of those in an entourage.
The same thing can be said about the home environment of a child. The child’s attitude is strongly influenced by the people with whom he spends more time; as a rule, his family.
Therefore, the food preferences of young children are usually influenced by the dietary preferences of parents and other siblings.
A study published in the American Journal of nutrition ‘ clinic ‘ has found that parents ‘ influence has had a significant impact on the selection of small children.

3. Do not be the Cop.

To compel children to consume foods that do not like is the perfect recipe for rebellion, resentment, and disappointment.
Try, better to fill your fridge and pantry with fresh food, as various and tasty and remove unhealthy foods.
Thus, whenever they will choose something to eat, they won’t be on hand than good options!
In addition, they will develop the habit of choosing healthy snacks and will have a positive attitude towards whole foods fresh!

4. The Power of Education

For those small, as well as for those large, education is often the decisive factor in making good decisions and positive results.
Power of Education
Try to find ways to teach your kids to make good choices about food, proving to them that every category of food can have positive or negative effects upon the way they feel, energy and general condition of the health.
A method by which you can teach kids to connect with food is to show how to make the connection between what you eat and how you feel. For example, if you eat something, ask them how they feel after they eat and to assign description confidence respectively.
For example, after a handful of fresh berries may feel ‘ full of energy ‘ or ‘ lively ‘. During the child’s brain will learn to create neural horses that would associate healthy food with positive affirmations.

5. Planting

Pick up and eat one of the most powerful ways you can help children to establish a connection with your meal is through their involvement in the entire process from start to finish-so how many parents have done it thousands of years ahead of us.
If you have room in your garden for a few steamed vegetables (or a few pots) involved children in gardening.
Teach them to resemble wet earth, seeds, wet them and look after them and learn when it’s time to harvest them.
Nothing can foster a more positive relationship between children and food than eating fresh produce, picked from their own garden!
There are many ways in which children can be encouraged to eat and enjoy healthy food.
Watch your children grow strong and energized is a rewarding and exciting experience you can be proud of with the information you have supplied in order to contribute to a proper nutritional foundation that will help for the rest of my life!

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