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5 Weird Beauty Ways That Really Work

by Tatiana Plesco
  • Make your eyelashes extra-long with the help of a yarn wool ball. After using your usual one coat of makeup, take a lash/brow brush and rub it onto a yarn wool ball. This will transfer some of the yarn ball fibers onto the brush. Swipe the brush onto your whiplash. Use another coat of mascara and repeat as several times as you want! You’ll have major whiplash in no time.
  • Use red lipstick as concealer primer to mask dim circles. It sounds too best to be true, but YouTube Dee pics Mutual has come up with the most amazing method to hide the fact that you only have forty winks a few hours last night. Grab any red-oranges-y blush and use it under your eyes and on your eyelids (anywhere you’re a bit shadowy) with a concealer brush. Then, just use your fave concealer right on best of it. You might look a little silly for the duration of the process, but you’ll be astonished at the difference (note: this only works on some skin tones, as we found when we strained it in the office).

  • Heat an eyelash curler with a hairdryer for really curled lashes. You have to be fantastic careful with this trick, but the results are wholly worth it. Blast any metallic eyelash curler with heat from a hairdryer. Then, let it calm until it’s just heartfelt to the touch. Do not push the warm curler right onto your eyelashes — you’ll blister yourself! Curling your lashes when the tool is hot will still yield amazing results.
  • Use a spoon to make the perfect cat eye. Even if you’re a cat eye pro, faults happen. It’s so simple to draw the line too far or to blotch it the opposite direction. Use the straight side of the service to create the line, applying the eyeshadow right next to the spoon. Then use a portion of the spoon’s arc to create the all-important fly down, and fill in. You’ll appear like a total pro!
  • Rub a potato under your arms to lighten shady armpits. There are a bunch of causes your underarms might be darker than the rest of your membrane. It can occur from stubble after shaving, roll-on left behind, or the build-up of dead membrane cells. To lighten your underarms logically, just cut a potato in half and scrub it into your armpits a.m. and night. Potatoes comprise the enzyme catechol’s, which has natural lightening goods. Magic!

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