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6 Best Diet Tips For Pregnant Women

by Tatiana Plesco

If you want a successful delivery, you need to take very good care of your health for complete 9 months. In comparison to normal life, you need to follow more health tips during pregnancy. Only with some decent exercises, you cannot have better control over your health. But, you should also consume nutritious food for maintaining your and your baby’s health. You certainly need amino acids and vitamins for building cells of your baby and making them get better growth. For this, you need to eat fruits, vegetables, meat and whole grain foods. You must avoid hard nuts, peanut butter, and other sticky foods during your pregnancy period. Foods like salmon and yogurt offer huge nutrients that avoid babies from health problems such as anemia and poor growth. So, all pregnant women, you must follow these 6 diet tips during your crucial 9 months:

  • Consume Adequate Calories –

It is these calories that make babies healthy. In the last two trimesters, you need to consume 300 additional calories every day. You can avail these extra calories by consuming an apple, a piece of bread and a glass of low-fat milk. (1) According to professionals, you need to eat about 55,000 calories every day for maintaining the health of your baby. In addition to calories, you should also avail vitamins and minerals. Foods such as fruits, whole grains, vegetables and nonfat milk are the great source of wonderful vitamins and minerals. So, you need to look for these foods on several times throughout the day.

  • Avoid low-carb foods –


By eating low-carb foods, you cannot avail necessary 40+ nutrients and make your baby healthy. Not only at this time, but your child may face poor growth in the future also. Only the nutrients consumed by you can help in developing the body organs and muscles of your baby. With low-carb foods like beef and salmon, you cannot prevent your baby from diseases like anemia and iron deficiency. So, you need to eat the fats that contain high carbohydrates, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. You should include yogurt and who grain foods and maintain a healthy diet throughout the pregnancy period.

  • Eat Calcium and Iron –

For building cells of your baby’s body, you need to consume high calcium. With calcium, you can also prevent bone loss and avail strength in your muscles. Moreover, calcium also helps in avoiding high blood pressure that is a common health problem during pregnancy. Iron is necessary for maintaining decent oxygen supply to your baby. By consuming iron-rich foods, you can develop the eyes and head of your baby and avail successful delivery. So, you need to consume low-fat milk, rice or oatmeal for improving the functioning of your nerves and muscles. You should eat at least 1000 milligrams of calcium every day. And for proteins, you should eat chicken without the skin, dried beans, and peas. For maintaining your health, you need to cook these foods at your home.

  • Eliminate Seafood –

If you the habit of consuming seafood, you need to stop it, at least during your pregnancy. In spite of the availability of vast omega-3 fatty acids, seafood is unsuitable during pregnancy. No doubt, omega-3 fats help in improving vision and brain of babies. They also help in improving the memory of moms and avoiding allergies, asthma, etc. But, still, I want to say seafood should not be consumed during pregnancy. Well, the reason is the presence of mercury in various fishes that has the capability of damaging the nervous system. So, you can face several health problems related to your nervous system. However, if you still want to eat seafood, you should the fishes that have been fortified with algal-based DHA. So, you can surely avail the DHA supplement without health diseases.

  • Drink Vast Fluids –

No matter, you have arthritis pain or are in pregnancy, you can drink water on many times throughout the day. In fact, water is particularly recommended during pregnancy. Like daily life, you can consume as much water as it is possible for the entire day. With water, you can prevent constipation problem. Also, water helps in increasing blood volume that provides sufficient nutrients and oxygen to mothers and babies. Other than water, you can also consume fluids such as orange juice, nonfat milk or low-sodium V8 as fluids. All these beverages are pretty nutritious and offer huge health benefits during pregnancy.

  1. You should drink at least 8 ounces of water every time you see a tap or water fountain.
  2. You should always carry a water bottle and drink vast water when you feel hunger.
  3. You should keep on drinking water between your meals and snacks.
  • Neglect High-Calorie Foods and Alcohol –

You should never consume the foods that contain huge calories. If you keep on eating high-calorie foods, you can enter pregnancy with high weight or obesity. With excess weight, you can acquire problems such as pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes during pregnancy. Certainly, if women enter pregnancy with obesity, they fail to lose this high fat during their entire lifetime. And alcohol leads to various spectrum disorders. When babies get alcohol from their mother’s blood, there occur to mind and memory problems among them. They find difficulty in learning new things and providing better behavior among other people. So, you must avoid high-calorie foods such as peanut butter, potatoes, and alcohol to avoid various health problems during pregnancy.

Final Verdict

You need to consume a balanced diet during pregnancy. Forgetting extra 300 calories, you should eat apples, bread or drink low-fat milk. Instead of low-carb foods, you should consume the foods that contain massive vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, and minerals. Through the foods that contain calcium and iron, you can prevent high blood pressure and anemia. If you want to eat seafood, you should fortify it with algal-based DHA, the nutrient that helps in developing the eyes and head of babies. In addition to water, you should also drink fluids like orange juice, and low-sodium V8 (known for preventing constipation. You need to avoid high-calorie foods and alcohol that can lead to gestational diabetes and spectrum disorders. So, follow all these diet tips for getting a healthy baby.


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