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6 Fabulous Tips For Achieving Exercise Goals

by Tatiana Plesco

Many people make a goal of shedding 10-15 pounds weight in 3-4 weeks. Many people set a goal of build Six-Pack Abs 5-6 weeks. But, not everyone become successful. It is because they do not follow proper diet tips and workout schedules. They consume processed/fast foods that contain vast sugars, additives, sweeteners, and toppings. They perform same types of exercise again and again. After making better diet plans and effective workout schedules, they fail to stick to them and make their fitness programs successful. So, what’s the solution? How can you achieve your exercise goals? Following are 6 wonderful tips through which you can avail your different exercise goals like strong core, beautiful abs, fat loss, sexy body, etc

  • Know Your Ultimate Needs (Goals) –

Before starting health programs, it is very important to know your aspirations and desires towards your body.Whether you have easy exercise goals or difficult exercises goals, you need to pretty aware of them. This is because only after knowing your requirements (goals), you can make an effective start to workout programs. You can learn some best exercises from professionals. You can also learn which foods should be consumed for achieving your exercise goals. Beginners and experienced both have their particular exercise goals. Whether you are an adult or senior citizen, you should be acquired of your exercise goal. So, know what you actually want ( a slim or lean body for learning tight bikinis or Six-Pack Abs for impressing other people) and paves a way for successful workout programs.

workout programs

  • Set Short-term Goals for achieving Ultimate Goals –

No big goal can be achieved without small, little goals. For acquiring your ultimate fat loss or strong core goal, you need to achieve tiny or small goals. So, you must break your ultimate exercise goals into simple, attainable goals. By performing little or tiny steps, you can definitely attain your ultimate goal. You must not think you cannot avail specific progress from these small, easy goals. You should short-term goals like improving cardiovascular health, reducing the waist circumference. You can also aspire to complete 5 Km distance in 35-40 minutes. You don’t need to take pretty much tension about your long-term exercise goals. Instead, stay calm and relax during activities that help in attaining Short-term Goals.

  • Set Realistic Goals –

Setting a goal of losing 15 lbs by Easter is no sense. Also, it is a bad idea to set a goal of completing the 5k run in a single day. These goals cannot be acquired by normal persons with normal bodies. However, if you have extraordinary skills or wonderful powers, you can achieve these goals. But, out of 10, only 1 come with extraordinary skills.

Set Realistic Goals

So, setting unrealistic goals makes no sense and should be avoided. No matter, you are a beginner or professional, you should set the goals that can be achieved by you. Men, women and senior citizens should set goals according to their strength and capabilities. You should set the goals that can be achieved in weeks or months.

  • Make Proper Workout Programs And Follow Them Regularly –

After setting goals, you need to perform exercises for achieving them. Different exercise goals ask for different strength exercises. For achieving easy exercise goals, you need to perform exercises that involve less strength. And for availing complicated or difficult exercise goals, you need to perform high-intensity exercises or strength training. So, you have a goal of losing 4-5 pounds of weight; you should perform 30 minutes of jogging/running every day for about 4 weeks. And, if you have the goal of making Six-Pack Abs, you should perform exercises such as barbell squats, burpees, push-ups 3-4 times in a week and cardio exercises such as running, cycling, etc. every day. You do need to perform same high impact exercises every week but maintain variety in these workouts. You need to follow these workout programs with sincerity and discipline. Even for a single day, you need to skip these exercises. So, know the best workouts and follow them regularly for achieving exercise goals.

  • Make Proper Diet Plan And Stick to it –

Most people come with a common question- which is more important for acquiring exercise goals – nutrition or training? Well, the answer is nutrition indeed. Nutrition is exceedingly more important than training. You can maintain your health without exercises. But, you can maintain it without proper nutrition. So, the need of the hour is to consume nutritious foods like vegetables, fruits, chicken, whole grain nuts, brown rice. These foods contain vast carbs, proteins, vitamins and other nutrients that increase the metabolism and avoid health diseases such as obesity, high blood pressure. You must not fast/processed foods that contain several calories, trans fats, and unsaturated fats. You should eat supplement like caffeine before workouts and carbohydrates rich foods like sweet potatoes after workouts. According to your exercise goals, you should include specific foods in your diet plans. Once you made a proper diet plan, remain stick with it like your exercise.If you feel bored with your diet, you can change the order but not foods.

Diet Plan

  • Reward yourself and Avail Motivation –

It is not an easy thing to get Six-Pack Abs or lose 10 pounds in 4-5 weeks. You need to put several efforts & follow workout and diet plans. For this, you need to get motivation and inspiration. Out of various ways, one wonderful way to get motivation is to provide rewards. After acquiring every Short-term goal, you need to reward yourself. The reward can be in any form such as purchasing a new T-shirt or trouser that can be worn during exercises. Or you can give any reward to you as per your interests. You will definitely get happy and feel motivated. You will put more effort in exercises and follow health programs with discipline and sincerity. So, reward yourself for getting motivation for achieving exercise goals.

Wrapping Up

By following some tips, you can achieve your exercise goals. First, you should have your specific exercise goals such as losing effective weight, strengthening the abs and core muscles, etc. Second, you should set short-term goals like running 5 km distance in 35-40 minutes. Third, you should set realistic goals that can be achieved by normal human beings. Fourth, you should keep on performing the particular exercises, required for achieving your goals. Fifth, you should sincerely follow the diet that includes fruits, vegetables, meat, whole-grain foods. Last, you need to reward yourself with some things for acquiring motivation to accomplish to acquire your exercise goals. So, focus on all these tips for achieving exercise goals. Good Luck.


Updated: 08.02.2018

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