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6 Hair Care Tips That You Should Never Forget

by Tatiana Plesco

Hair-care is an essential aspect of grooming requirements of contemporary women and demands to be accompanied by a disciplined approach to yield amazing results regarding having healthier and shiny hair. The quality of hair is the result of your lifestyle, including your diet, stress levels, and the environment you live in and needs regular care to get the required nourishment for shiny looks. There are specific hair care tips that you should integrate into your hectic life schedule. In this article, I will provide you with six hair care tips that would guide you to take optimal care of your tresses and shine in the world with oozing confidence. 

  • Employ the Right Procedure for Brushing Your Hair

The most substantial aspect of hair care consists of brushing your hair in a precise fashion that doesn’t harm your beautiful tresses. It is often seen that women tend to ignore this most crucial aspect of hair care by following the wrong method of brushing their hair, i.e., from top to bottom. The universal rule of hair care states that hair should be brushed from bottom to top to minimize damage to the roots. This method of combing helps untangle the hair without the unnecessary and painful process of pulling the tangles with the comb.

  • Always Keep Your Comb Clean

Yes, you should indeed take good care of your combs to keep your hair healthy and shiny. Equally, you may have some combs in your collection that include styling combs, teasing combs, and wide-toothed combs along with various brushes for blow-drying your hair, so you need to clean them regularly. It would serve you well to keep your combs clean to keep away the buildup of bacteria due to prolonged use. You can clean your combs with a mixture of shampoo and warm water for the best results.

  • Hot Oil Massage

It is an age-old fact that massaging your hair with hot oil once a week is crucial for maintaining the health of your tresses. The hot oil massage keeps your roots nourished by supplying essential moisture to the scalp and helps to manage the untamed and frizzy hair with perfection. Equally, if you are using hot styling tools or harsh chemicals, the use of hot oil massage keeps your hair protected from damage and provides deep nourishment to your tresses. So, just massage your hair with hot oil and leave it on overnight to wash off the next morning for luscious and healthy locks. 

  • Use  Shampoo Sparingly

It is one of the essential tips for hair care to use only an adequate amount of shampoo. Not more than a tiny bottle cap full if your hair is not too long. Over-shampooing your hair may rip off the essential oils from your scalp resulting in dry hair. So, just take an adequate amount of shampoo to wash your tresses.

  • Condition the Roots Only

After shampooing your hair, it is essential to condition your hair using the same line of conditioner for your locks. Then, you got to condition your hair starting from mid-lengths to the roots and make sure not to apply it on the scalp. Leave the conditioner for a few minutes and wash off to get well-managed hair.

  • Always Apply a Protective Serum before Using Styling Tools

If you are inclined to use hot styling tools to give a stylized appearance to your hair, then make sure to apply the high-quality protective serum on your hair before you commence the use of styling tools. It would help to protect your tresses from unwanted damage from the excessive heat and keep their moisture intact.


Hair being the most prized accessory of women’s needs regular care and maintenance to remain healthy and shiny and give you super cool looks with incredible confidence. Therefore, by succeeding the simple hair care tips, you can not only enhance the appearance of your hair but also make them healthier and shinier. Moreover, these tips will help you keep your precious locks clean, manageable, and free from frizz as well as give you high confidence.

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Hi guys. My name is Miranda, and I am a professional hairstylist based in New York. I have been in the fashion industry for the past ten years and have been graced to work with some of the top-ranking professionals in the field. For the latest information on hair products, styling tips, and more, check out my hair straighteners reviews (flatironpro.com).”

Updated: 26 June 2020

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