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6 Reasons Why Women Are Considered As More Stronger Than Men

by Tatiana Plesco

In this modern world, we cannot make discrimination in men and women. Both sex human beings are considered as of same strength and power. In fact, women are considered as more powerful than men. Yes, you read write. Modern day women have more physical and mental strength than men. They have better skills for performing sports, games and other activities. However, they do lack some extra intensity and impact which is found in men. But, they still have the capability to face difficulties and complicated situations of life. The mental power of women is shown by academic results every year. And physical strength is shown by the 9 months pregnancy period. They resist all problems, difficult and tuff situations for the sake of their child. Whether you talk about sports such as wrestling, weight-lifting or education, women have achieved vast success in all. Now, everyone is looking for women empowerment so that they can spend their life comfortably. Therefore, it becomes imperative to provide definite respect to women known by sisters/mothers/wives/. You need to wake up and realize the strength of women. You need to provide your daughter definite opportunities to avail success in the world. Below, I have shared some reasons why women can be called stronger than men:

  • The Pain –

If you think labor pain is the worst pain in the world, you are wrong. There is another pain which is only experienced by women. It is the pain caused by child or baby. Women neglect all types of pains and injuries during 9 months period. It is the courage and strength that make them suffer these pains comfortably. Well, you can think of men in place of women. Men can only shoe their strength in rings and wrestling chambers. They just do not have the power to withstand extra pains for the sake of others. Instead, women can even leave their power to live just for saving their child. Therefore, women definitely have more power than men.

  • Immune System –

According to studies, women have better immune systems than men. So, they are less prone to diseases than men. Only autoimmune diseases occur more commonly in men. And diseases such as high cholesterols, diabetes, blood pressure etc develop less in females. Actually, they have a hormone called estrogen that provides them power to avoid several diseases. Women easily survive their menstruation cycles. They get signs of aging such as dark spots, wrinkles at a later stage. In addition to estrogen, other growth hormones also play a crucial role in the enhancing of immunity. Therefore, we can also say that women live for longer periods than men.

Immune System

  • Mental Power –

If we compare brains of men and women, we will find women brains heal in a much better way. Female brains have the strength to rehabilitate after injuries. Women have the power to coordinate for longer periods than men. It is because different parts of women brain work together. The neurons present in females are highly team-oriented. They work as a team and cure pains, injuries and keep on maintaining the memory and sharpness. On the other hand, men neurons do not work in a wonderful way and they fail to work as effectively as women. Therefore, women’s can fight with people with high intensity without caring for their nervous system.

strong mental health

  • Activities

Women can perform various activities at a particular time. They can listen to the news, take care of their babies and reply to messages, e-mails on their smartphones simultaneously. Because of this thing, they are known as multi-tasking. On the other hand, men find it pretty difficult to perform these activities effectively. They can only manage to complete their office work. If we set men in place of women for performing household activities such as cooking, cleaning, etc. we will surely avail negative results. So, women can do the job of men, but men can never perform works of women.

Super Powers –

It is believed that women contain various types of superpowers. First, they have the power to grow other human beings inside their body. They actively withstand “kicking”, “moving” and other activities carried out by babies with their babies. Second, women have the “crying” superpower that helps them to avoid policemen or ticket checker, when they travel without tickets. With tears, they make their parents and boyfriends perform activities according to their wants. Third, they have a “communication” superpower. Women have superb communication skills, and they can talk to anywhere, at any time. They can talk to

  1. A cleaner
  2. A salesperson
  3. A watchman
  4. A postman
  5. And any person who is sitting with them on a bus or train

On the other hand, men do not possess these superpowers. However, they do have a power of controlling their emotions. And for this reason, they are sometimes are treated as more powerful than men. But, on majority times, it is the woman who is declared as the winner.

  • Mental or Psychological Powers –

Women also have some other powers known as psychic powers. Women have a definite type of initiation. They can easily tell why their baby is crying if their friend is having any problem and whether their husband is cheating.

Women’s mental powers help them in remembering long shopping lists, assignments, calendars, birthdays and anniversaries. They always remember what their boyfriend like, which food is best for their children and other family members. All these wonderful powers cannot be found in men, and that’s why they lack women.

Final Verdict

Without a doubt, we can say that women are more powerful in terms of physical and mental strength. Women have the power of growing a human being inside their body and withstand the pain caused by “kicking” and “moving”. Women have enhanced immune system because of which they develop fewer diseases and live for long periods. They also have better mental power and curing of their brain and other nervous organs very quickly. At a particular time, women can observe their babies, send e-mails and watch t.v or listen to the news. They do have some superpowers such as “crying power” and “communication power”. So, you need to respect your mother, sister, and girlfriend who have the exceptional type of strength.

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