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6 Simple Habits That Lead To A Healthier You

by Tatiana Plesco
6 simple habits

We all want to be healthy. Health is the key to a longer life. No one wants to be stuck in the rut of a terrible illness. There are endless of ways, supplements, and methods on how to achieve the perfect health. But then, it is in our hearts to do perhaps 50 different steps for a healthier version of ourselves. We listed down six very simple yet easy habits to make it easier and simpler for you to follow habits that can pave the way to a healthier and better version of you. Here are the six habits that lead to a healthier version of you:

  • Drink Lemon Water

As soon as you wake up, drink a full glass of lemon water. You can make the lemon water the night before or you can do it as soon as you wake up. Drinking this when you wake up ensures better chances of absorption and it helps give your body your much-needed dose of vitamin C. It helps you wake up faster and is a great way to start your day.

Lemon water

Lemon water alkaline all body

Start the day positive and start early

It is crucial to start the day positive as your mood tends to set the standard for the rest of the day. Waking up with a loud alarm can begin the cycle of a cortisol surge, which can bring a little negativity. How to counter that? Sleep early and wake up early. Sleeping first will give you ample time to relax. When you wake up early, you also have more time to not be in a hurry to prepare yourself when you wake up. It gives you time to make the rest of the morning habits that can be useful for the day. Say positive affirmations to yourself about how thankful you are with your life. Come up with a list of things that you are grateful for and read it out daily. It doesn’t have to be as long as a novel. Write down the things that you are profoundly grateful for, such as your family, your job, your new home, a new property, or something that you did that makes you feel proud. It will create that automatic feeling of gratitude and happiness. And happiness is the fountain of health.

Stay away from energy vampires

Energy vampires are not those that you see in fiction movies. No, they are those people who have a natural gift (curse) of trying to make you feel bad. They are sucking the energy around you, of sucking all the positivity around by making themselves be elevated every time you feel down by their rantings. It is not harmful to listen to friends. It is actually good to have friends because friendship is a significant part of life. It enriches us. But there is a fine line between friendship and abuse, and energy vampires are good at emotional abuse. They do not have to hurt you physically, but their words, whether directly stated or implied, can make you feel bad. They feel good when people feel bad. Unfortunately, not only friends can be energy vampires. Some family members can be this way. How will you deal with them? Always remember that it is okay to care for people from afar. This might not seem like an actual habit. Still, the goal is to be healthy, and to be healthy, you have to be in an environment that supports your physical, mental, and emotional state. Being around energy vampires will just deplete your energy and your health. Instead, surround yourself with inspiring people and people who lift you up and inspire you. Find role models. Their examples will help you have more and more habits that will enrich you with amazing experiences and will elevate the quality of your life and health.

Have a balanced diet and proper nutrition

It is often misunderstood that a balanced diet means a crash diet and is often a way to limit food intake. A balanced diet is a way of eating all the nutrients that the body needs to function efficiently. Most of these sources come from the food that we eat. Depending on genetics, gender, body type, lifestyle habits, the state of health, your body needs would vary. To maintain a healthy state of the body, you must make it a habit of eating healthy foods. At least five portions of fruits and vegetables are recommended for your daily eating habits. Cutting down your fats and sugar intake can also be a good start. Drink ample amounts of water to keep yourself hydrated. Drink supplements that help replenish your nutrients as well as the necessary hormones of the body. Tongkat Ali, also known as Eurycoma Longifolia Jack or Longjack, can help you normalize levels of testosterone, replenish your energy, and boost stamina. Always eat breakfast as it gives you strength for the day. Reducing your salt intake can also be an excellent addition.


Whether you are 30 or 60, you can be confident that practice can be useful for you. Training can be extremely good for you as it benefits every single part of the body. When you exercise, the body produces endorphins that make you feel good, happy, peaceful, and motivated. Exercise can also help normalize circadian rhythms and help you have regular sleeping patterns. Physical activity is also a good habit that can alleviate the risk of depression and low self-esteem. Exercise can also give people a sense of accomplishment at having done their routines and the anticipation of shaping up. Not to mention, the very prospect of activity can make you look better. It also helps decrease the likelihood of certain diseases.


Sport for health

Get a new hobby

Getting a new hobby, especially something that you are interested in, can help you be healthy by primarily setting you in the right emotional state. Did you know that one of the most common manifestations of a sensitive issue is the acidity in the body? Being chronically stressed, not only makes the body weak, but it also meddles with the pH level in the body and often times increases the risk of acid reflux. Getting a new hobby distracts you from stressful circumstances and lets you focus on the things that you love. Almost similar to exercise, a new hobby such as swimming, painting, or singing can increase endorphins in your body and make you feel better and better. If you are bored and stressed, and even feeling unhealthy at times, remember that the world does not run out of things to do. Pick up a guitar or start martial arts. Maybe learn a new instrument or start swimming. Table tennis great for anti-aging low risk of injuries. Chess checkers or the game of Go is perfect options. Do a hobby that you’ve never done and remember the joy it will bring. Do it as often as you can, and your body will be in a good emotional state, far from the risk of acidity and health conditions. Getting a hobby is a good option. Life should not be boring not by raging against odds but by enjoying life and by finding activities that will make you happy.

These habits may seem too trivial and too simple to follow. Most things are easier said than done. An earlier, you begin to manifest your dreams. Not when you think to know the habits, but when you start to apply the patterns. Begin today and see the results for yourself.

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