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6 Steps to Get Magazine Cover-worthy Skin

by Tatiana Plesco
Get Magazine Cover-worthy Skin

You walk by the magazine stand and see the most beautiful skin staring back at you. You want to look like that! You want your skin to look young, radiant and glowing.

Maybe you think it is impossible, but we are here to tell you it isn’t.

Here are six steps to get magazine cover-worthy skin.

1. Wear the right foundation for your skin type.

The market is saturated with a variety of different foundations, but the most important aspect is purchasing (and wearing) one that works for your specific skin type (oily, dry, or normal).

  • Oily skin: Powder or liquid foundation
  • Dry skin: Cream or liquid foundation
  • Normal skin: Any type

2. Commit to a daily skin-care routine.

In order to have beautiful skin, there is nothing more crucial than devising a daily skin care routine and actually sticking to it.

On a basic level, you must wash your face twice a day. Wash it in the morning when you wake up, and then again in the evening before you go to bed. Just like your foundation, purchase a gentle face wash that is designed for your particular skin type.

Your next step must be to use a toner which works to revive your skin’s natural pH and diminish pores. For those ladies with sensitive skin, opt for one that is gentle and alcohol-free. Again, use this both in the morning and at night.

Get Magazine Cover-worthy Skin

During the day, you want to use a moisturizer after the toner to ensure your skin stays hydrated. Always use a moisturizer that has at least 15 SPF. At night, use an overnight moisturizer to make sure you wake up with dewy skin.

For your nighttime routine, also opt to add an antioxidant serum to fight the visible signs of aging.

3. Don’t overlook the importance of weekly pamper sessions.

In addition to your daily routine, you should also have a weekly routine of exfoliating and masking.

Exfoliate twice a week to shed dead skin cells and make your skin look fresher and less tired.

Additionally, apply a face mask twice a week:

  • For those with dry skin, go for a moisturizing mask that contains glycerin or hyaluronic acid
  • For oily skin, switch between an exfoliating mask and a clay-based treatment
  • If you have combination skin, decide instead to multi-mask, applying what you need, where you need it

Once a week, take the time to clean your makeup brushes, as you don’t want the bacteria on the brush to continue to be transferred to your face.

4. Never, ever go to sleep in your makeup.

It is a serious skincare rule you have heard your entire life, but that is only because it is true. If you want magazine cover-worthy skin, you need to completely take your makeup off every single night.

Not cleaning your skin at night is a sure way to clog your pores, and you will develop acne very quickly.

What’s more, your dead skin cells are supposed to shed each day; however, wearing makeup all day and night will induce them to attach to the surface of your skin.

5. Never leave home without sunscreen.

While the sun always feels nice on your skin, it can create havoc on your skin’s appearance. No one wants wrinkles, freckles, or blotches (not to mention skin cancer), so you always want to be protecting yourself from the sun.

Never leave home without sunscreen.

Even if you believe it to be an overcast day, if you are stepping outside, always wear at least 15 SPF and purchase a moisturizer or foundation that includes sunscreen. If it is a very sunny day, add a wide-brimmed hat to your outfit.

6. Look at your daily wellness habits.

In addition to the products that you put on your skin, you also have to pay attention to your daily wellness habits. How your skin appears is a reflection of how you are treating yourself inside. The outside is merely a reflection.

Start by committing to drinking six to eight glasses of water each day, as this is the quickest way to ensure that you are flushing out any unnecessary toxins. To look like a model, you want your skin to be bright and radiant, and drinking water is an important step to making this a reality.

You also want to make sure you are getting enough sleep. During the hours you are snoozing, your skin is repairing and replenishing itself. Everyone needs a different number of sleeping hours, so just make sure you are getting enough for your body.

Regular exercise will have not only your body looking its best but also your skin. All of those workout classes help you to increase your blood flow, which then makes sure your skin maintains its healthy and youthful glow.

When it comes to food, you already know, but we will tell you again — junk food and carbohydrates are known to make acne worse and bring an aura of dullness to your skin. Instead, have a diet that is high in:

  • Vitamin C to brighten skin and treat scars
  • Vitamin E to promote skin growth and youthfulness
  • Selenium to reduce sun damage and age spots
  • Omega-3 acids to prevent inflammation
  • Zinc to soften skin and repair any damage

If you often have skin blemishes, try removing dairy from your diet and see if you notice a difference. Dairy products stimulate your oil glands and your pores, which can worsen or bring on acne.

Last few tips

If you are incorporating all of these steps into your skincare regimen — and you really want to look like a model in Dubai or Paris — then don’t overlook the importance of wiping down your phone to ensure it stays bacteria-free, sleeping on a clean pillowcase, and refraining from repeatedly touching your face with your hands.

How do you keep your skin looking radiant? Let us know your secrets in the comments below!


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