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6 Unhealthy Foods That You Should Avoid

by Tatiana Plesco
Unhealthy Foods

Many people must be aware of foods that contain carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, proteins, minerals, etc. Because of the presence of these nutrients, some foods are termed as healthy foods. No doubt, all these nutrients make foods healthy. But, some foods are also classified as unhealthy in spite of the presence of these nutrients. Due to this thing, many people assume some unhealthy foods as healthy foods. By misconceiving them, they keep on eating some foods and develop several health diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, constipation and even cancers. Therefore, it becomes imperative to know some foods that look healthy but are not healthy in any sense. They only offer taste but no nutrients. Below, I have shared some unhealthy foods that you must avoid:

  • Stuffed/Packed Turkey

Turkey is a wonderful source of proteins, vitamins, and other minerals. By packing turkey with tomato, lettuce, and other vegetables, we can have a delicious breakfast or lunch. But, this food contains high sodium that causes several health diseases. According to professionals, a two-ounce serving of packed turkey contains around 350 mg of sodium. Because of this thing, you will also miss essential nutrients from tomatoes and other veggies. Therefore, you need to come out of the misconception and avoiding eating packed/stuffed turkey. Instead, you should make recipes from meats at your own home.

stuffed packed turkey

  • Pretzels

 If you think all low-calorie foods are healthy, you are wrong. Pretzels that contain fewer calories can never be considered as healthy. It is because this food is made of wheat flavor, a mixture of salt, yeast and vegetable oil. I guess you must be aware of harmful effects that occur by consuming vegetable oils. Not only, you will lack nutrients but will also develop diseases, if you keep on eating this food. You need to above facts and avoid pretzels. If you want healthy and delicious foods, you can go for whole-grain flour, popcorn (made by traditional methods) and nuts such as almonds.

  • Prepared Salads

Another food that is often misconceived is a prepared salad. Whether salads contain chicken, vegetables or other nutritious things, they can be unhealthy. Almost all tuna salads, shrimp salads and other salads made from veggies and toppings contain vast calories and fats. These salads cause diseases like obesity and high cholesterol etc. An over-stuffed sandwich is a common unhealthy salad. You need to avoid these types of salads and look for salads that contain low-fat mayonnaise. Also, you need to limit your consumption or portion of salads. If you want to eat the best healthy prepared salad, you should go for Herbed Greek Chicken Salad.

prepared salads

  • Energy Bars

Who said protein and energy bars are healthy? Tasty candy bars are only processed chemicals that contain high sugar and calorie content. It is just the trick or idea of marketing agencies to sell these protein bars by labeling as healthy foods. More than 25 grams sugar and 200 calories are found in the single serving of energy bars. High calorie and sugar content have the capability to cause several health diseases such as obesity and diabetes. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid various types of energy bars. Well, if you an extreme desire for energy bars, you should consume the bars that contain 100 or fewer calories. Before purchasing bars, you need to read the label and ingredients. You should eat protein bars manufactured by trusted brands such as Larabar, KIND, etc.

Energy Bars

  • Rice Crackers

 Everyone’s mouth waters after seeing these light, airy snacks. Most people regard rice crackers as diet foods. People keep on consuming this food during health and fitness programs. It is again a wrong practice. No one can say rice crackers are better and nutritious foods. Not only rice crackers lack fiber, but they also contain high sodium. Moreover, rice crackers also contain high carbs that change the balance of the gut flora and stimulate inflammation. A simple or plain rice cake that weighs only 8-9 grams contains 90% of carbohydrates. Instead of treating weight problems, you will only acquire health diseases such as

  1. Strokes
  2. Blood Pressure
  3. Heart Attack
  • Low-fat Peanut Butter

Even if you minimize the fat, still you cannot say the peanut butter is healthy. All types of peanut butter cause health problems. Actually, low-fat Peanut butter contains extra sugar in place of trans and unsaturated fat. Peanut butter causes several deadly diseases and decreases the average lifespan of human beings. Peanut butter is often consumed with popcorn, kulchas, and other snacks. The peanut butter even degrades health benefits of popcorn and whole-grain bread. If you still want to enjoy the taste of the butter, you should make peanut butter of your own.

Low-fat Peanut Butter

Wrapping It Up

Many unhealthy foods are often misconceived and are consumed during health or fitness programs. Stuffed or packed turkey contains a vast amount of sodium content. Along with sodium, pretzels also contain vegetable oils and yeast. Energy or candy bars offer more than 25-gram sodium and around 200 calories. Rice crackers not only lack fiber but also miss out on proteins and carbohydrates. Low-fat Peanut Butter also contains high sugar content and offer health diseases. Instead of these processed and market foods, you should consume home-made foods that offer nutrients along with taste.

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