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8 Amazing Health Advantages Of Using Baking Soda

by Tatiana Plesco

Baking Soda is best for more than keeping the inside of the refrigerator fresh: there are seven fantastic health advantages of using baking soda.

These advantages are significant for everybody. They help you look and feel better, and in some cases, the benefit the people around you as well.

  • Deodorant

Either a paste of baking soda and H2O or simply dry baking soda can take away the fragrance of sweat.

  • Takes Sting/ Itch out of Bug Bites and Poison Ivy

Apply a paste of baking soda and H2O to the site of the sting or poison ivy and texture instant relief. Dry baking soda can also be applied to the areas to make available some relief from itching and agony.

  • Helps with acid stomach

Baking soda neutralizes stomach acid and helps get rid of ache from the acid stomach, heartburn, and ulcers. Use ½ teaspoon fully dissolved in half a glass of H2O. Take occasionally and be watchful to not take to excess as it can cause some matters with your electrolyte sense of balance.

  • Make available Spa-Like Experiences.

Taking a soak in a steam bath where you have added a baking hot drink and apple cider vinegar gives you a feeling as you get after a spa cure. An even bigger bonus is the tub, and drain gets gutted during this soak as well.

  • Cleans big hand

Three parts baking soda with one part H2O makes a cleanser that takes away dirt and odor when used on the big hand.

  • Aids with Splinter Removal

Put H2O with baking soda mixed in on an area of skin where a fragment is, and after numerous applications, the splinter will come out on its own.

  • Makes a Great Exfoliator

Cleaning your feet with baking soda paste makes for an excellent method to get rid of dead skin. It is also very effective on your face and physique to remove dead skin cells naturally. It is also inexpensive compared to some cures you can buy at a store.

  • Cures Sunburn

Adding baking soda to lukewarm bath H2O and soaking in the tub is an excellent response to the uneasiness that comes with a sunburn.

Updated: 18 July 2020

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