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7 Best Remedies For Avoiding Pain And Discomfort

by Tatiana Plesco

Do you want to avoid pain and discomfort during your pregnancy periods? Do you want to avoid problems like Urinary Tract Infections? You need to use some home remedies. In addition to home remedies, you should also follow some tips for maintaining your health. Most women face pains and discomfort in their periods. Women feel problems in their kidneys, livers, and other body organs. They fail to remove waste products and get worried. For avoiding problems, many women consume several doses of drugs and medicines. Acetaminophen and ibuprofen are the 2 common drugs or medicines that women consume before or during their periods. Well, do you think it is a right practice or right strategy? Definitely, it is not. With these drugs, they can acquire side effects in the skin or face health problems. Most women become addicted and experience problems if not get drugs. So, you must go for home remedies that avoid pains and discomfort without causing an extra side effect:

  • Papaya Servings

If you like to eat fruits, you must select papayas. Every doctor and physician recommend papayas. Papayas are among the best fruits that should be consumed during constipation, fever and health problems. Well, you should also consume papayas when facing pregnancy. You should eat papayas before and during periods. By eating papayas, you can regulate the blood flow, which is especially required during the menstruation cycle. It is because Papayas contain an enzyme called papain.

  • Water and Sodas

Water is beneficial in all stages of life. Whether you have experienced pregnancy before or not, you need to drink a lot of water. By drinking water, you can eliminate bacteria that cause UTI or other infections. Well, you should select parsley or filtered water that inhibits sodium and potassium levels. So, you can avoid health problems that occur from sodium. And yes, you should also drink sodas. Not soft or acid drinks but sodas like baking soda. Baking soda does not offer acidic character. Instead, it helps in minimizing acidity causes pain in the urinary bladder. Baking soda also helps in avoiding heartburn and discomfort. Therefore, you should also drink liquids that contain washing soda.

  • Natural Pain Relievers

Pain relievers, made of natural ingredients always provide various benefits. Natural pain relievers offer anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic qualities or properties. You should use natural pain relievers that contain Ratalu or any other herb. With these pain relievers, you can cure the pain in very shorter periods. These are one of the most reliable pain relievers. Instead of pain-relieving creams, you should go for these natural pain relievers.

  • Milk

First, you should consume a healthy breakfast that contains several vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, etc. In addition to eggs, yogurt and avocados, you should also include milk in your breakfast. Milk contains calcium that is known for curing cramps and pains. Lactose also helps in avoiding pain and discomfort. Well, you can also consume some tablets of calcium for treating cramps. But, you need to eat them in limited amounts.

  • Aloe Vera and Carrots

Aloe vera is an ingredient that women use for improving glow of their skin. You need to know that aloe vera also helps in relieving the muscle pain. You should make juice from aloe vera and consume it at regular intervals. If you don’t like aloe vera juice, you can also make juice by using carrots. Carrots not only help in improving the functioning of the eyes but they also help in stimulating menstruation. 

  • Celery Seeds

Out of all herbs, celery seeds are considered as the most amazing seeds that improve the urinary bladder. The celery oil contains a specific compound called butylphthalide that regulates a flow of the urine. If you don’t like parsley water, you can go for celery seeds. With celery seed water, you can stay hydrated and avoid problems such as constipation and strokes. For making this remedy, you only need to gather some celery seeds.

Celery Seeds

  1. According to professionals, the daily consumption of celery seeds pretty much help in avoiding UTI’s.
  2. If you eat celery seeds right after your meal, you can also improve the digestion rate.
  3. You should eat celery seeds at least two times in a day.
  • Heat

Have you thought of using heat for reducing inflammation and irritation? Yes, you can get some relief by applying heat to your urinary bladder. The specific warmness caused by heat helps in relaxing the muscles and eliminating the pain caused by inflammation or other some tracks. For this process, you should take a hot water bottle.

  1. Start by filling your bottle with warm or hot water
  2. Then, you should wrap this bottle in the dishtowel
  3. Then, you need to place the bottle over your bladder.
  4. If you want to increase contact, you should push the bottle in a gentle manner.
  5. Leave the bottle for as much time as feel comfortable.

After using this process, you will observe intense calmness or relaxation. And you will experience no discomfort or pain in your bladder. Well, you need to make sure that water is not pretty much hot as hot water can worsen the things. Like other remedies, you should also use this remedy on the daily basis.

Wrapping Up

Instead of medicines or drugs, you should try some home remedies for avoiding pains and discomfort during your pregnancy periods. You should eat papayas (that contain an important compound papain) during or before your periods. Parsley water and drinks that contain baking sodas help a lot in avoiding heartburn and discomfort. If you want pain relieving products, you should go for pain relievers made of natural products. In your breakfast, you need to include milk that contains calcium, known for curing cramps. You should make the habit of drinking juices made from aloe vera and carrots. You need to eat celery seeds at least two times in a day. Yes, you can also use the heat of the bottle for avoiding UTI infections. With these remedies, you can avoid pains and cramps without additional problems.

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